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If escape doesn't work for you, you can try moving your mouse really fast into the game window. (janky fix, I know) This should put it back on track to identifying your mouse within the game screen. It could also be that the game window is resized, since it breaks when its not in the right size. If this doesn't help, then I'll look deeper into it and try to make a patch!

You can press escape to center the mouse and game window within the screen. Make sure not to resize the window or put it into fullscreen, as this may break it.

this game is pretty clever in its difficulty; i like how the more the shapes push you, the harder it becomes to get pushed in the same direction because it is farther away. it makes it really easy to recover from messing up a lot.

this game is actually really fun! the concept is very good; i just think it could be expanded upon into something more interesting.