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So, how long has this been building in the background?

This is definitely a game with a "decent" amount of replayability.

Hassan: "4 Girls, 2 Boys, now this looks like a party!"

Observer Friend: "If he's counting my Daughter in that list, this is going to turn into a murder mystery game."

...Very Subtle... VERY Subtle there Fouzi...

Also, why does Mirall refer to almost everyone Happy knew as a kid as Aunt/Uncle?  Is that a reference I'm just supposed to 'get'?

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Also, I should probably take notes of some "important figures", so I don't forget them... unlike our observer friend here. (It feels like he suffers from memory loss more than an actual Alzheimer's Disease Patient)

Yeah, I've tried getting into the Extended Demo, but the game breaks when fighting the Orc (RPG maker does not like it when the player has no items or a party member has no valid magic [I mean... Naz always mentions how she's a martial class {She loves her axe more than her hatred for bland NPCs}, but I just don't see why RPG maker just doesn't allow you to grey-out options], so it just soft-locks me, another time, I literally slipped my finger on the SHIFT key & the game completely froze... so I'm honestly not sure.

I guess [T] thinks that pressing shift is something Happy would do.

Well thank god I checked this BEFORE going into the T's Existance, thank god for that.

So, that was a trip...

Overall, despite the grammar in Act 3 becoming more hastily done Zero & Cecelia's names got swapped like twice in narration dialogue, this was very nice.

I definitely found the irony in CC's identity --of which I won't spoil for those reading-- amusing, I honestly want to check out your other projects to just get more context, especially if the NULL and the WAR are subjects that have been alluded to before.

Otherwise Fouzi, you have truly made something special, this shit could fucking be a standalone manga, with of course the twist being that every book on the surface is completely unconnected, but after reading, they combine into a cohesive narrative.

You are indeed on my radar, and I don't regret sacrificing 2 hours of my life to your product.  

TL;DR:  Game good, makes you think, good twist, definitely works better with context from the previous games... presumably.

Some choices break, like [normal games], but it's a decent smut 'game', I just don't feel that I'm the target demographic.  Good start though.

Ctrl + [-]

It feels like I'm doing something wrong, it seems like all of the sexual content has been gutted & the Lust bar never goes up.

I don't have 0.5.2, only 0.5.1, I was mistaken, the margins for NPC events are still very fucked though.

Alright thanks, I'll Download 0.5.1

I can't seem to trigger the 2nd Scene with Cecilia and Eros, this is due to me being on 0.5.2, and it somehow feels... off, like how Poe is completely absent on Day 4, so I can't Speed-Run the Serum, or how after seeing Cecilia and Eros in the Tavern, I still can trigger Kaitlyn's bathroom scene the following day... making it impossible to trigger Cecilia's Second Scene... and then getting Rika's right afterward the next day... making it... once again... IMPOSSIBLE to get that damn Scene.

I replied to Brian about it.

There are some weird triggers that are like really early on, the story can be beat in 53 days if you know where to look, somebody in the comments posted a Word Document for an entire guide... I can't thank him enough for it.

It's really early game, just boot a new game and get to the quest, you can complete it alongside getting your 'Breder's License' (Yes, it's literally misspelled in the game... on purpose), just remember to take the Right Hand Vial.  It's the lust one.

Patreon, it's one of the public posts in the feed.

No, it's Free on Patreon, they're at version 0.5.2. for the public, Patrons can get access to newer and more unstable builds if you are willing to shill out ten dollars.

(Poe's Peril Quest) you get to bang Talia

In 0.5.2, I have Done the intro quest, given Poe his [calming] Serum, and made a deal with the elves... so now what... I can't find any more triggers for quests, I don't know what to do. 

Talk to Poe to get his nightmare dialogue option, talk to Talia about the Serum, take the right hand one, [sex scene], give one of the serums to Poe, quest finished.

Quick question for the game in general seeing as the Developers aren't looking on Itch, what is the limit for traits on a single monster/breeding line?


It's time period accurate knowledge, that's the main joke.

Get it fast and you'll exceed 600 points

Perfect is actually 750 Points... Just saying.

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The Tunnel in the Camp is the last group of characters I need to finish... But the Magic system is a glorified keypad code, and there is no (Obvious) hint within the game.  I am genuinely stumped.  Maybe have the Witch or Sage tell you something about the correct combo?  If this is already the case, then the Bimbofication prevents it from occurring.    I know that a possible 64 combinations of Keywords isn't a lot when compared to the 10,000 on a PIN-Code, but I really don't want the solution to the puzzle to be "Just brute force it", it's literally Magic, not Beer Pong.

Neat proof of concept, but is the whole 'loop back' thing a bug or a feature?

I have a quick suggestion for Story Mode, when you fight Toni, she has a different outfit for each character, making each run just that slight bit more unique.  That and it's also funny.

Never Mind, use [ALT] + [-]

Browser Version is zoomed into the top left with no way to scroll or zoom out.

This was a good challenge, if you adjust the hitboxes just a little bit to not just be a square, I'd probably be happy to attempt getting 300 points/

As soon as the reporter was "unaffected", I was immediately suspicious.

I then looked at his trench coat again and almost immediately realized that he's the Hypnotist, nice attention to detail.

Overall, a good story that didn't overstay it's welcome.

A very promising start to a great game (in general), The story/lore is something that actually intrigues me, and I thank you for coming up with something unique for a background universe that isn't just the standard story models I see in the other H-Games on Itch. 

I was slightly disappointed that you could change more "Integral" parts of Sam (Although my MC's name is Ashe), like height and cup-size for example, However some quick answers I came up with to explain why this can't be done are as follows; The law of the conservation of matter, Genome Destabilization, or it's going to be an absolute nightmare to re-draw every single clothing option for every possible body type.

On the browser version, the images really do not like to load often, and scrolling up once makes the game unplayable for about a  minute straight while it recaps the dialogue,  but that's the extent of the issue I found on what you literally call an unstable build.

This game and the universe it is held in seem to have a lot of potential, and I'd love to see the concept expanded upon furthermore, for example you could have perhaps another game where the crew of the ISS have to evacuate the station (Because barely anyone on Earth bothered with NASA affairs during and after the Pandemic, and so they were absolutely bone-dry on resources), and the crew has to come to terms with them being the last Middle Aged humans post-pandemic, and having to figure their way around a world that completely forgot of their existence.   You can see what I mean by how far the concept can go, and that shows the brilliance of it.

To end this Mini-Review, Keep the bonfire going, soon enough salvation will find you.

Pretty Good, but I got the bad end and found it hard to restart, a reset button my be handy. 

Also, I'm finding it difficult to get soul Gems, do I focus on only one person, upgrade my facilities?  What am I missing?

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Here's a theoretical question, Since all members of this alien race have the properties of their namesake element, is there a possibility that Alloy Girls exist?  

I know this is a silly question, due to the fact that all of the individuals of this race resemble human females, and I highly doubt that there will be Futanari content in the game.

Overall, a great Demo for the gameplay, but not for understanding how a race that are literally living metal statues would reasonably work,