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Cool, I'll get a subscription, this plugin looks incredible!

Hi! I saw that this works with Substance products, does it work with any other non-Adobe products?

That fixed it, thank you!

I'll do that, thanks! It was broken starting from Level 5, and it didn't appear in Level 6 either. I replayed the game to that point, same thing.

Title, it just stopped appearing. After I got annoyed with level 5 (because it's lvl 5 lol) I put the game down for a few days. When I came back, the pause menu was still gone.

I got 436 on my go, that was pretty fun lol.

Thank you!

Is the itch version updated at/around the same time as the steam version? Or would purchasing off of steam be preferable?

Love this! The artstyle and options for it and everything else is really nice, and the gameplay is fun. Audio is relaxing.

I have found one bug though, this occured at the large tent near the start of the game. If you hold on to the tent, jump and press f, you will fly upward while talking, and fall back down when the conversation is over.

Did you really make an account just to shit on this game?

Interesting concept, but honestly I just could not get past the second level. I'd either accidentally hit restart (yeah I know), or would die in the lava pit due to velocity. When I did get the bow, the target was practically unreachable. Also, the bow physics feel very... off. Like there's not enough gravity. They feel floaty and don't seem to go where I want them to.

Other than that, it's fine. Good job, Barji!

Yeah the camera's static lol. Thanks for checking this out, and thanks for the compliment on the tile movement!

I used Unity for 3 years, worst mistake of my life. Honestly, it's so bad it's not even funny.

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Specs? (This is a Windows only build so that could be the problem)

Ah, that makes sense. If you're not much of a coder I could certainly help if you ever need. I think that the game is great, you did a fantastic job!

What's RFPS? Is it control style?

Yeah, I get that feeling :)

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I didn't press anything and beat the game.

I'm having way too much fun with this, good job!

What's a colour?

Thank you!

I intend to have dogecoins in my game, but I've found so many different images of them and I'm not sure which one's the right one.

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It's amazing what the brain interprets these as! Great job!

Thank you!

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Title's pretty much it, If there's any way to chat that isn't though something like comments I'd like to know about it.

I want to try a framework I just found called Tilengine but I might just go with Godot

I've got a shader that I need to manually create a texture for each resolution, so I just wanted to check.


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Yeah, I only was able to spend ~2 hours, so it's horrible to control. I plan on making it, well, not crap, so thanks for this information!

Do we just make a P.T. Clone?

The Title says it All

Was this made on a custom engine?

Anybody finished their "Alpha" yet? How is it going?

What time does topic #2 start?

so it has come to my attention that this game doesn’t work. My computer crashed and I have to reformat the HD. So please be patient with the fixes. Sorry