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That first interaction with the small fry really caught me off guard. haven't laughed out loud from a game in a while.

I'm also a bit worried and confused. I did draw all the art, made the music, and wrote all the code. But making sound effects is not something everyone has access to. Hopefully sounds that we licensed during the jam is acceptable.

Oh man this one was complex lol. Great art style BTW!

This was hilarious! At first I was confused but once I figured out how to fight it was actually a really clever design.

Doesn't load for me. I'm getting a JS error :-(

I had a pretty hard time figuring this one out. Could you maybe help explain how it works?

Cheating on my diet, but now I can do it virtually and without consequences.

Alien mommy. 11/10

Super cool concept! Level 6 deceived me by making me think I had to alternate between the worlds to get through the walls, but clipping out of the walls is such a clever mechanic! Nice entry.

This game has so much potential for speedrunning! Love the idea

Cool spin on Luck Be A Landlord, except instead of trying to pay rent I'm trying to preserve my soul. Now that I think about it, paying your Landlord really does feel similar

This one's ridiculously fun! Nicely polished too

This one's ridiculously fun! Nicely polished too

Took a flower to the love of my life, got jumpscared by a scream. 11/10 best game!

Such a cool feel to it! Just a pity it's so short, but I like what you were going for :-)

So glad to hear you had a good time! Also a really damn good score!

Nice score! Thanks for playing <3

Thanks so much for playing Richard!

Very cool spin on a classic arcade game! Feels really good to bump opponents off the road too. Perhaps you can add a system where bumping a car into another gives more points or something?

Hey! I've added you from my account "nodzi". Looking forward to jamming with you!

Hey Kairos! Looking to collaborate for the game jam, please check my itch profile and let me know if you're willing to join forces :-)

The jam clashes with the Brackeys game jam, but Brackeys doesn't have a $14 prize pool and I'm here for that Golden Gremlo Award

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Great little horror game! Managed to get 14/17 rooms

Thank you for playing! Terima Kasih

Thank you for the let's play! Glad you found it scary

Thank you!

Such an entertaining let's play! Was great feedback to hear you articulate what you're feeling. Thanks for playing!

So glad you enjoyed both! Thanks for playing and making a video

Thank you for the let's play!

Haha I got jumpscared by you getting jumpscared. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!! Glad you found it scary

Haha thanks so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed the endings too

Sorry! Sometimes he spawns either behind the fridge, or on top of the staircase to the attic. Not sure if it was bugged though :-(

Hello there!

Thank you so much for playing!

Thanks guys!! Love the two player idea!

That's too cool!

Thanks for playing regardless! Appreciate it

Unfortunately I missed it :-(.

Do you have vods?

Aww thanks!