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So, I managed to build the version you submitted and to play the build executable. However if I come across any error in the judging process I'll use the newer version. 

What is FAtiMA-Toolkit?

How will I know how to start?

  • Read the Get Started section to know where to ....start!

What type of software is FAtiMA ?

  • FAtiMA is an Emotion and Intelligent Character Engine that uses JSON files to define each character, 
  • FAtiMA-Toolkit is a Windows Form based User Interface where you can easily design and those JSON files . 

Does it only work on Unity?

  • FAtiMA is a C# library and as such it can be used by any engine or project that supports external libraries.

What if I find a bug?

  • FAtiMA is open source, so you can:
    • Post a bug on Github.
    • Fix it yourself (and help us out!).
    • Get in touch with support.

What if I want a new feature?

  • FAtiMA is open source, so either request it or add it yourself on the Github page or by reaching us directly at:

Is FAtiMA Toolkit free?

  • Yes ! FAtiMA Engine has always been free and FAtiMA-Toolkit was developed for and funded by the RAGE project ( which decided to Open Source it!