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Sorry for everyone whom I did not respond directly. Everyone has been super kind and respectful.

It is not really playable or anything, unfortunately I did not find that much time to work in this.

I am planning to keep working on  the game, so maybe one day you'll find this in a much better state.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your comment.

I actually also created a mod for Skyrim called Social NPCs, there types of games are very fun to try out stuff like this, related to a more social AI.

Thank you!

I'll try!

Thank you for the support!

It would be really interesting to use different language models and compare the results regarding player's perception of intelligence.

Another interesting issue to tackle would be the delay between answering the agent and the game and model processing the response. 

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for your comment!

I agree, my plan was to create an emergent narrative where, if the characters are smart and social enough, the narrative would unfol narrative, but at the moment, it is very far from that ^^

Thank you for your comment :) I have updated and hopefully it is a bit better ^^ 

Thank you for the feedback :)

I absolutely agree with you  and I plan to keep workinh on it at least as a proof of concept.

Congratulations, I hope you enjoyed our game!

Loved the art and the vibe of the game, it was both hilarious and very chill

I couldn't quite interact with the people on the dock but I think that's something you'll fix soon.

And I finally fished a mermaid!

That was such a different experience, 

I loved the whole aesthetic vibe ^^

The controls are a bit weird but I thought it was quite original. 

I love the art, how cute is the cat btw?

That was a great concept and I really enjoyed the experience. 


Thanks to this game I am able to relive my game-dev experiences such as bugs, crashes, "random features" and, of course, spending time inside the Unity Editor trying to fix all of them.

Great idea and implementation, great job guys


So, I managed to build the version you submitted and to play the build executable. However if I come across any error in the judging process I'll use the newer version. 

What is FAtiMA-Toolkit?

How will I know how to start?

  • Read the Get Started section to know where to ....start!

What type of software is FAtiMA ?

  • FAtiMA is an Emotion and Intelligent Character Engine that uses JSON files to define each character, 
  • FAtiMA-Toolkit is a Windows Form based User Interface where you can easily design and those JSON files . 

Does it only work on Unity?

  • FAtiMA is a C# library and as such it can be used by any engine or project that supports external libraries.

What if I find a bug?

  • FAtiMA is open source, so you can:
    • Post a bug on Github.
    • Fix it yourself (and help us out!).
    • Get in touch with support.

What if I want a new feature?

  • FAtiMA is open source, so either request it or add it yourself on the Github page or by reaching us directly at:

Is FAtiMA Toolkit free?

  • Yes ! FAtiMA Engine has always been free and FAtiMA-Toolkit was developed for and funded by the RAGE project ( which decided to Open Source it!