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A member registered Nov 30, 2016

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This game has very much potential but for now you can finish the content in just 1 hour.There are glitches that can be fixed,like:

  1. You can get stuck in a nest and get eaten by a shark if not having a spear.
  2. Walls don`t offer protection against sharks.
  3. Walls can only be placed in one direction. (My experience)
  4. Droped items don`t float on water.

Now these we`re just some glitches that i found in the game,i don`t really blame the developers since this game is just a prototype,but,you can transform this prototype in a really enjoyable game.I suggest adding a donationoption when downloading the game,so people could help you making this game better and better untill it will be very popular one day.

Your computer can`t handle it,remove some programms,maybe it`ll speed up a bit.

I haven`t played it but i have the impresion that this will be BEUTIFUL

Dude,Enter the folder that says like RCTN or something,but dont enter the "..." folder.If there is not folder you just need to double click RCTN.exe,same if there is a folder,open folder,then double click RCTN.exeAnd the game should look like a credit card and the text is RCTN.exe

Dude,press:No thanks,take me to the download. AND THEN YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY

I really don`t know if you are allowed to do that.

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The developers had luck that some popular youtubers played the game,like Markiplier.It`s got potential,but after you play for like 15 minutes you get an army that kills ANYTHING in it`s way,like i did after my third try.I really see potential in this,maybe add levels where you need to get a sume of the units that are shown in the objective or make the map bigger and add additional quest that if you complete give you acces to some new units or give units that you have acces to but in a big mass.You could add more bosses,like the GIant Golem,there could be Master Necromancer,Master Swordman,Barrel Thrower(barrels explode) oooor Experienced archer,if archers would be added to the game.So,in this comment I said my opinion about the game and added a few extras for inspiration.