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The developers had luck that some popular youtubers played the game,like Markiplier.It`s got potential,but after you play for like 15 minutes you get an army that kills ANYTHING in it`s way,like i did after my third try.I really see potential in this,maybe add levels where you need to get a sume of the units that are shown in the objective or make the map bigger and add additional quest that if you complete give you acces to some new units or give units that you have acces to but in a big mass.You could add more bosses,like the GIant Golem,there could be Master Necromancer,Master Swordman,Barrel Thrower(barrels explode) oooor Experienced archer,if archers would be added to the game.So,in this comment I said my opinion about the game and added a few extras for inspiration.