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The Daigan

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can we have a bundle with all monster bundles? that'd be great

thank you very muc

is it possible to have the window in a single file to let Unity do the 9 slice? same for the button


my game is a single key casual game. Keep the space bar pressed to drift the car around the corners

Play the game here

Thanks i made them using audacity

Hi thanks, yes I used an online composer 

Thanks for playing. That is a very good idea I might actually do that in a new version I will be releasing later! 

Thanks for playing! Yeah the game gets repetitive quickly! I'm will release a new version later with more things and more hats of course! 

Hi thanks for playing, unfortunately I had 2 days of polish ruined by Unity getting crazy! I wanted to fix the models and textures for the hamster and I had feedback for that "faster" too and I had to change it but in the end I couldn't

Hi thanks for playing my game! never heard of gdwc I will make sure to have a look at it thanks!

Hi everyone,

just sharing a game made for the latest Weekly Game Jam

It is about a Hamster that wants to breach every World Record in Rope Jumping.

Would you help him out? - this is the game page and it's playable on the browser!

Every 10 jumps you will unlock a new hat to use while jumping! Collect them all


This game is very enjoyable. nice art style and nice controls. nice effects. well done

nice music, some animations and particle effects would make the game a lot better.

the map is very difficult to navigate and I got stuck on the bottom left of it. couldn't jump that high. jumping is also challenging because the player avatar is bouncing on the tiles.

nice mechanic! it's not clear you have to use the mouse though

I enjoyed playing it! fun casual game

fun game, enteraining and with a good difficulty curve. great level design

Thank you! Time was a bit short after the first level unfortunately! 

Hi Gabriel thank you for playing the game and thank you for your kind words. I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and the story.  Did you see both endings? 

Thanks for playing Joshua and thank you for the nice comments about graphics and gameplay. Sorry about the few bugs you have encountered! Keep on the good work

Thank you. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it

Thank you

nice puzzle. music is very anxious

Hi everyone,

First time ever in the weekly game jam for me.

I hope you could have a look at my game and tell me what you think

The game is about shooting ducks!

Duck Hunt