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This has gotten some mad laughs out of us: Kudos for the fantastic sense of humor.

Congratulations on winning third place in the Narrative Imperative Game Jam #1 !!!

Congratulations on winning second place in the Narrative Imperative Game Jam #1 !!!

Congratulations on winning first place in the Narrative Imperative Game Jam #1 !!!

You can post your questions here or alternatively join the discord server for TheConceptBay where a set of chat channels have been created for this game jam event:

Appreciate the time you took to play and the feedback. I will certainly include some instructional tablets for these mechanics, seeing how a lot of people had trouble with them. 

I've also decided to continue this project as a Steam game, seeing how people seem to have taken a keen liking to it. More so than any other game I've worked on. I'm taking notes on your feedback and work my way from there.

Yeah as far as I've tested. it worked in all the versions I'v updated. I AM interested in seeing what people are doing wrong and try to fix it up.

new tune

Ah, no problem, I did make this here video for the other user with the same issue:  I don't know if you've seen it. You can right and left click using the tone wand, left clicking will open the totem interface, right clicking will trigger the totem. as long as you're clicking on a totem that is lit up, it should spawn an energy pulse

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You are the 2nd person to have this issue. Did you place a timing bit into the totem that lit up? It won't play without a timing bit as the timing bit states how fast an energy pulse will travel. I'm actually interested in finding out what is the miscommunication here. Are you down to do a quick discord video call so  I can observe and learn what I need to clearify?

Here's my discord server, I would really appreciate  a quick call on this issue. :D

Will do and yes. I'm looking into shortening mining  time. There's a whole survival and story counterpart that I have yet to implement that would tie it all together in a bit better way. For the time of the Jam, however I only got the core mechanics in. Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you, thank you :D Appreciate your audience.

Here's a little clip in action: 

Oh and in regards to the energy wave. here is a video on how to do it: Let me know what it is that I didn't explain properly, I'm interested in making this easier to grasp.

Oh, Haha, I actually wasn't expecting you to download the lastest build.  You're right, for the game jam game and ease of experimentation, I'll leave it in. It will be the (Special Game Jam Edition) I've actually  decided to put this game up on Steam and continue development there as a fully fledged game so all new features would go there from now on. 

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Ah, thanks for trying it out. In your inventory, there are 6 Darker slots, these are tool slots. If you place a tone wand into one of those slots and select it using any of the number 2-7 number Keys, it will activate the tone wand. Right clicking on the totem using the tone wand will trigger a wave. An important note is that Totems must come in a pair, Link one totem to another to make a line. I'll implement single totem orbs.

Hey, thanks for waiting. I've finished up the  guide: let me know if there's anything else you can't figure out and I'll see about adding it as well.

Teaser Video

Thanks for checking it out. A major part of this game submission is an online play guide, I have yet to upload it today. Then you'll get a full set of ingredients and crafting recipes. 

Delay effect? Also can effects be stacked or is it only one per track? And finally how customization are the dsp effects? dry/wet,  reverb time and density?