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I assume you're talking about after school idols lol thanks for playing it. I don't know if you're using a regular mac or a m1 chip mac but i have a m1 macbook i got to make a mac version of the game with and it was a real pain getting it to not crash immediately upon startup. Glad it worked for you and ya enjoyed it tho!

Love Live! ~After School Idols~

Love Live! ~After School Idols~ is a visual novel fan game based on the Love Live franchise. On the surface it may look like a dating sim, but there's much more to it than that. Whether you're a fan of Love Live or someone who's never heard of it, this visual novel will satisfy those looking for a plot heavy experience with plenty of comedy to lift you up after the sad moments. Please check the game page for more info. 

Pick the top option 3 times then the bottom one 9 times.

Thanks for your interest. News will be coming very soon, testing is going well and the game will release by the end of the month.

Hey fAm, just found out about this site so I published my fangame vn on here because, well, why not?

It's a visual novel about love live sunshine characters.
If you enjoy love live then I'm sure you'll get some kicks outta it.

It was made with visual novel maker and I started development on it as soon as the engine launched, so it has some rough edges due to the many updates the engine received and it being made on a beta build, as well as me simply being an amateur and learning everything as I worked on it entirely solo, but I don't think they impact the core experience much.

It's free so give it a try, more info on the page itself.