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Any thoughts, questions, concerns? I'd love to hear from you!

Is the GitHub repo for this public? I'd love to see how the website is done.

Great resource. I make frequent use of it for the open table game I'm running.

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I'm curious if you had done the probability calculations for the chance of a mishap. In this link, the value of 0 is the chance of completely separate die values.You can change the 5d6 to the different rolls to get the below values.

P1: 0%

P2: 16.67%

P3: 44.44%

P4: 77.22%

P5: 90.74%

So Power 5 is practically guaranteed to mishap with power 4 being ~3/4 chance. Was the intent that most players would never cast a power 4/5 spell as they don't want to risk the mishaps?

Please add a bookmarked version of both this and Into the Wyrd and Wild - bookmarks are essential.

All good! Thanks for the updates on a free, awesome systems. Looking forward to when bookmarks do get added.

That's what I get for speaking before reading every page 😂 thanks, this is great.

Any existing character sheet? Either in PDF format or as a google sheet?

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Great! Also, pg. 34 Group Debt - table says d20, but there are only 12 results

Entry 3 of this table:

Until the debt is paid, all credits you (earn) are legal property of PEACHBOY™

The word in parenthesis is missing. Let me know if you would like me to point out any future minor errors if I find them - don't want to nag you :)

Would you be able to add bookmarks to the PDF? Usability is greatly improved with them.

Reprint early in the new year? Looks like the base rulebook itself is also sold out everywhere.

Hello - I've noticed some errors with the Gate entries in the various locations. Statuary Room 7 - Connects to Temple of For'gothu Room 17 (there is no room 17, it is room 16). The gate in the Temple of For'gothu states it connects to "the south temple, room 6". What is the south temple? Is this supposed to be the Salt Cauldron Tunnel, room 5?

Any update on this?

No problem, thanks!

Hey, any chance you would be willing to add that text to the PDF? Just to make it official

Great, thanks :)


As the book is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0, is there any plan to release the source text in an easily copy-able/hack-able format?

When should we be worried about arrival of the book?

"The GM may have talents taylored" should be "tailored" fyi.

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

Any plan to make a form-fillable character sheet? And/or some other digital usable character sheet?

Interesting - thanks!

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Another question/feedback - the Elf starts with a Recurve bow that does d8 damage and is not labeled as bulky - this is completely out of place with the equipment list with both a bow and crossbow being bulky. Any reason why this out of place weapon is only found in the class equipment but not the general equipment list page? And as it is a 2-handed weapon still, it seems like it should be bulky.

The cost of plate is the same in OSE as in SAB - 60 gp fyi.

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What is really the purpose of the shield and helmet options if the max armor a player can have is 3? Less expensive combinations to get to 3 armor, but take up more slots than just heavy armor? That's the only real benefit I can see, but the gold difference is minimal, and there's no cons to chain or plate - though I guess it would be reasonable to put disadvantage on stealth when wearing chain/plate.

Following this I was able to get bookmarks added to my PDF.

Print on demand is certainly a fine starting point. A hardcover POD omnibus would also be fine, doesn't have to be a print run. I prefer the longevity of a hardcover, and IMO looks much nicer on the shelf. DriveThruRpgs premium hardback PoDs are a very nice quality.

Also, how would you convert standard OSE or B/X gold rewards to this system? In OSE getting a couple thousand gold at once for the party can be pretty common even at low levels.

I can answer my own question about the distributing to my players for free part - I missed the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license at first, so I guess I'm good to just give my players a copy of the PDF.

Also, is there any plan to release a free online SRD like Cairn, or maybe an art-free, free version of the rules? It's always nice to have a free version to point interested players to.

Are there any plans to add extra backgrounds in the gamemaster's handbook? I would personally love at least another 18 leaving us with 36 total. Or go extreme like Into the Odd and have 60! The more options there are, the less of a chance of having repeat characters.

Was curious why you went with a watch being 6 hours long instead of 4. This would mean only 18 miles traveled per day, with a 6 hour resting period.

4 hour watch x 6 miles traveled means standard 24 miles per day, with an 8 hour total resting period.


I was curious what the plans for a print run were? I'm assuming standard saddle stitch zine? Would there be any plan to also release a combined hardback version of the players guide + gm's guide once both are fully released?

I would love to be able to buy them both as separate paperback zines, and also a larger hardback copy.

Do you need people for the playtest? Either as players or GMs? And do you have a discord server for the game or something?

Sounds good. I'll be playing my first DURF game this weekend which I'm looking forward to, and super excited to see this has finally released too.

Will the physical copy include a copy of the PDF? Or some way to put the cost of the PDF towards the physical copy if we purchase the PDF now?

Hello, is there any plan for bookmarks to be added to the PDF?

Are the tics only used if the person is infected?