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I really liked this game are you thinking of making a sequal anytime soon?

actually it might not (drawing backrounds I mean but it'd still be helpful)

Me and a partner are currently in need of an artist for our game .   Do you have skype?  If so please my skype name is live:bigpodlet.  please contact me if you are interested.  This work will require drawing backrounds is that possible?

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I have skype but no web-cam.  My skype name is live:bigpodlet

I could help with story writing.  What genre do you have in mind ?  Or is anything good?  Also how long are these games going to be?

Hey, it always happens right after the quantum keepers tape does that help?

Well, tried it without the gamepad still happened it might just be my computer maybe my anti virus.  on a related note I also found you couldn't read a note sometimes could it be related?

I was using a gamepad could that be it?  You wouldn't think it would have any effect but there is a game I have (wings of vi) that has increased load times whenever I use a controller so I suppose it's not impossibe.

Ps:  Funny thing when I first encontered the glitch I thought it was a sign reailty was breaking down or something.  If you ever make a sequel maybe include two character models or other "glitchs" as game mechanics.  Sorry if I'm asking two much.

There's a glitch in the game.  after you go though a door.  There's two of the main guy and you can't go though anymore doors.