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Ah I see, thanks.

The game seemed too easy in my opinion. Maybe it would've been different if I was playing with a second player, but for me the game was mostly just move one character to the switch, and then move the other character to the next switch, and then just repeat until you get into the end, there wasn't much of a challenge. The part at the end where you use the rail robot as a light was much more of a challenge for me, I wish the game made use of that more.

I love the concept! I feel like this game could become something pretty special if it was expanded upon. I did run into a few problems though like the game not finishing as you mentioned. There was also a problem that I ran into where if both players attack at the same time, both players can hit each other even though they aren't even touching each other. I hope these problems can be fixed in the future.

I do like the concept of being able to move in all directions and adding physics to the paddle allowing it to get knocked back when the ball hits it. However, the execution is a bit lacking. The ball moves way too fast and that makes it hard to block it, this could be solved by slowing down the ball or making the playing field bigger. There are also some bugs in the game such as the ball getting stuck to the paddle if you hit it using the top and bottom of the paddle and the paddle is just sometimes unresponsive when moving left or right. I think this game could be something great if these things were improved.

I'm not sure how to move the character

It's an alright game, though it feels like most of it is just going from point A to point B without much of a challenge. I did really like the levels where you have to touch the water and then go to the electric box, I wish there were more puzzles like that.

Took me a few tries, but I finally beat it! The game was much more doable while still being challenging, though I must admit the boss at the end was a bit frustrating but I managed to figure out its patterns after a while.

Great game, but it's a bit difficult. I eventually made it to the part where you fight 3 enemies at once but I gave up at that point. If you're making the game difficult on purpose then all the power to you, but if not I suggest you tone down the difficulty a bit. I also love the art style.

Thanks :)

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To start a game, first you need to click "Enable" on the boxes for how many players you want. Then you choose a character for each of the players. After you've chosen a character for at least two players you'll see a "Ready For Battle" message which you can click on to start the game. (I'm also going to add this to the game's description for anyone else who's confused.)

None of my "liked" characters are showing up in the game, only the ones I uploaded. Is this a bug?

Touhou characters are being considered 👍

Hi, unfortunately, I ripped the background music straight from the Garupa Pico episode and used a program to try to silence out the voices, which is why it sounds so awful. If you know anyone who could compose a custom version of the song, please let me know and I'll replace it.

There is no Online ranking system in this game. High scores are only saved locally.

Love the art style and the character designs, especially Jazz-chan! However, the gameplay itself is lacking the fundamentals of a good beat em up game. Most beat em up games have high hit stun times, which allows you to combo multiple attacks onto an enemy before they hit you back, and it also makes it much easier to take on a whole group of enemies at once. The attacks in this game are also a bit sluggish; attacks in beat em up games usually have very low startup times which makes the gameplay feel much more responsive. I really love the silly concept of this game but unfortunately, the core gameplay leaves much to be desired.

You should try out Godot! It's the game engine I'm currently using and I find it really intuitive and fun to use.

hey, I just came across your game while looking for fighting games and I think it's a really great concept! I do agree however that the core gameplay does need some reworking. The hitboxes seem to come out too early and moves have way too much starting lag. My advice is to play other fighting games you enjoy and analyze what they do right and try to incorporate that into your own game. Maybe you could try incorporating mechanics from the official JoJo fighting games, such as Heritage for the Future. I wish you luck in improving your game and I am looking forward to seeing the next update!

Really fun and addicting, I love it!

Fun fact: In the original japanese version, Maya loves ramen, but this was changed to Burgers in the english localization!

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This game is pretty mediocre if I'm being honest. The art is laughable, but I can excuse that since the gameplay is the more important. The first part of the game is a mundane platformer without anything unique, just walking and jumping. However I really enjoyed the boss fight part where you switch to your ultimate form with all your teammates. I just wish more work was put into the platformer part. I do understand of course that the game was made in a week, so it's not going to be perfect, but I just wanted to provide my feedback.

There is an ending. I noticed that after the final level the game just freezes, but if I press Esc twice to go to the menu and then choose "Continue" the ending screens shows up.

Hey there, I finished the whole game, and I really like the concept! However, some things could be done better, for example the movement speed is way too slow, so the game feels sluggish at times. However I do like that you can stop the blocks midair, it adds an extra layer of strategy to the game!

i'll take that as a compliment

Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to add more weapon types so there can be more variety with the weapons, but I was short on time, so I was unable to. However I do plan on adding more weapons to the game sometime in the future. Also, I specified that Z isn't to craft weapons, but to drop items that you don't need. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to play my game! It means a lot to me. In return, I'll play your game and comment what I think about it!

Thanks for the suggestion, I've noticed this problem too with some characters. I'll probably add a limit of 100 zombies sometime in the future.

I'll consider it, thanks for the suggestion!

My discord is thebuddyadrian#1128

Sure!  Can you send me a link to it once you make it?