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Sadly, I think you're right. I managed to re-create the crash by playing over and over. Looks like I didn't get rid of all of the game resources properly on restart. Oops - but that's jam code for you!
Glad you liked it. :-)

The binary download for Windows worked - thanks. I tried from source and got a stack overflow crash. Pretty graphics!

Nice to see bracket-lib in use! Mind if I link to this from the bracket-lib page?

I forgot to mention, it also bumped the UE4 version to the latest - fixing some issues with the newest nVidia cards.


Thanks for showing interest in One Knight in the Dungeon! I'm hard-at-work getting it up to Alpha release, and as part of that process I wanted to open it up for pre-alpha testing. Right now, I'm only offering a 64-bit Windows build - I'll try and offer more later, but for now I'd like to keep the build system understandable.

If you're into coding, the source code is available at

Anyway, I'd appreciate any feedback - ranging from "it didn't work at all" to "I loved it!". Until I get a forum setup on the website, this is probably the best place to reach me. I'll keep an eye on it.

Thanks again,
Herbert "Bracket" (Developer)

Thanks for trying it out! It was a game jam entry, so it was pretty rushed - I agree about needing some way to continue when you get stuck. I'll see if I can get that patched in soon. I don't plan to go very far with this game, but it was a great experience to make it. :-)

Release 2 fixes an embarrassingly bad spelling mistake and adds a license file that I missed the first time. Otherwise, it's unchanged.

I just release Apocalypse Taxi, a free (open source - source code link on the site) driving game. The entire environment is procedurally generated, and it's as much a tech-toy as a game - but I hope you like it!

I just posted my first-ever release on, Nox Futura. game link:
Game website: (this includes 2.5 years of Sharing Saturday posts from Reddit!)
Source code on GitHub:

This is a very pre-release build of a game I've been working on for 2.5 years, and plan to keep plugging away at for the foreseeable future. I'm a long-time fan of Dwarf Fortress, and wanted to try to build a similar game with an easier learning curve and approachable graphics. There's a lot planned for the future, but right now:

  • World-gen can create a planet, run some history, and leave you with a playable area. It's tile-based 3D (like Dwarf Fortress), and includes preliminary baddies.
  • You can designate miners and lumberjacks, and use an easy interface to "paint" the trees you wish to cut down and the areas you wish to mine. Lumberjacking gives you wood, mining gives you stone, ore, sand and powder.
  • Using your newly created resources, you can build things! The Buildings designation menu lets you build whatever you currently have resources for. At this point, that's stonecutters (turn stones into blocks), sawmills (turn wood into blocks), camp fires, tents, quite a few workshops (carpenter, mason, mechanic, butcher, bone carver, glass furnace, workshop, smelter, blacksmith, etc.)
  • You can also use architecture designation system to plan out your base, and have settlers build elements as blocks become available.
  • There's the rudimentary beginnings of a conversation system, mostly used to insult neighboring civilizations right now so that they fight you (and you can see the combat system).
  • Water flows, but is very much in-development.
  • 3D rendering with voxels, or 2D ASCII rendering.
  • All in a custom C++ engine.

I'll keep posting alpha builds as I add to the game, and update the dev-log.