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I loved the idea. Nice job.

The vibe was awesome! Keep it up.

Awesome blossom.

Nice design ideas!

Maybe I should try another job xD
This game is mean when you lose but sweet when you win!

Good shit! Keep it up!

Amazing main mechanic 8D

I'm not sure if I'm understanding the question correctly

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for taking the time :)

Thanks :)

That's a feature! xD

Hello there!

I'm Willie, 22 y.o. programmer, I'm a computer engineering student, this is my last year at university so I know my job very well.

I'm looking for a pixel artist to make this game in pixel art:

(I actually did this game in 48 hours so, I apologize for the bugs in advance, if you killed all enemies and you're still on the same level, just shoot their corpses a few more time :p )

It's a game in which you are in control of time, I also do game and game economy design + music production, so there is no worry about anything. I'm dedicated and have a head full of dreams. I also have a very successful game in local stores released for mobile.

My goal is to have a small team of 2 or 3 to make awesome indie games for pc that have a very good game design, art and the most important, story!

So if you want to work with me :) I'll be very glad to have a pixel artist on my side, otherwise I may do the whole thing by myself, by that's a very very hard to follow option!

My email:

Sorry, I'm looking to work as a programmer :), but thanks for the offer, I wish the best for your game and you

So, can you send me a brief explanation about what your project is on my email?

Hello there!

I'm Willie and I'm a 22 y.o. programmer, I'm about to graduate from university with a computer engineering degree so I know my job :). I wanna work on a 2D project preferably made for PC and made with unity. I do C, C#, Java, GoLang, Python, JS(Node, React), prolog and a bit verilog. I know AI algorithms, data structures and algorithms design very well and also have some experience with systematic game design and game economy design.

You don't need to change your project to fit me and I don't need money to get started but if the project is making some money I want some too :)

I will answer to your posts on this very topic but if I didn't, hit me up on ""

and also, I looove pixel art

Any discord channels? :)