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Thanks for the covering fire but I did what he's saying I did, just unintentionally rather than some grand plot to plagiarize Mr. Blake S as he would have it seem.

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Any plagiarism was completely unintentional mate. I noticed a bit of a format to the jam posts and replicated, with no intention of intellectual theft. You're clearly offended and whatever was lifted from you specifically I am happy to credit, if that is your desired outcome. I really looked at a bunch of recent jam posts and cobbled mine together from what seemed pertinent, and nothing seemed bespoke or specific to any given topic.  Your post had boilerplate content too so forgive me for not knowing what you took from other posts and what was your IP. My only goal was to have more jams in the world, I did't make any money on what I thought was just an SOP disclaimer.  Let's be friends?

Not even 'about' journalism - for example, it could be about newspaper photographers just spending the day at a beach. 

I had hoped to do more of the stuff you mentioned actually and build out the chassis, but like I said, Cyberpunk required so much specific to the setting to be built that with the length of the Jam, I spent more time rebuilding the engine  than I thought I would. 

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I feel you, the jam was much shorter than I'd have liked, since cyberpunk requires so much specific content to built (equipment, cybernetics, hacking/the matrix, etc.) I just didn't get everything done that I wanted to. I was already late to submit as it is. It was originally built as a Black Hack hack, though besides the characters that I basically just directly imported and reflavored. Also as you mentioned, a few mechanics from Blades in the Dark as well. 

Thanks for the compliment. The Bad Omen stuff is meant to become more and more common, but if it was a fully-built game meant to sustain longer campaigns, I would probably have a different way of handling "critical failures".

I haven't played the Veil, though I've seen the rules. 

Typical group size, less than 3 people (including the GM) is suboptimal, as is more than 6.

I threw up a WIP document before the deadline, but I wasn't sure if the updated version would show up in the jam feed after the cutoff time. Looks like everything worked out.

Alright, game is done and uploaded to - I'm going to bed shortly, but I'll clickthrough any link you send first thing in the morning!


Hello, I live in Taiwan, and am working on finishing my game, but with work and the time difference I'm not sure it will be feasible, if I could have until midnight here to submit (GMT+8) that would be awesome. Thanks!

This is not the kind of comment I usually leave on, but you asked for feedback on Reddit and then it went down for site maintenance: 

The game seems too...procedural. I'm just not seeing enough charm or whimsy for the concept. This is most obvious in your character creation, where none of the personalities or dog breeds make a particularly interesting character. And if you want the comedy to come from playing the game completely straight (not acknowledging the inherent silliness of the premise) then I'd like to see you lean into that harder, where the comedy comes from trying to play a normal mystery game as dogs that keep getting distracted by birds.