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New Ulm, MNView project page

A tabletop RPG where heroes put on their ski pants one leg at a time, just like the rest of us
Submitted by theboycobra — 13 minutes, 55 seconds before the deadline
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Submitted (4 edits)

I love me some tabletop RPGs!

I don't fault you for going post-cyberpunk instead of dystopian-cyberpunk.

From a presentation perspective, I would like to see a few things.. 

1. a character sheet (even if it's very simple)  (see PPS at end)

2. two or three sample characters () 

3. a short transcript of actual play (or simulated actual play, if you haven't run it for anyone.)

4. a short piece of fiction to illustrate the mood. - or -

4a. Any kind of visual illustration to capture the intended mood.

I like the novel dice mechanic. Is it intentional that more highly skilled characters have a higher chance of receiving bad omens (snake-eyes)? 

BTW: Have you ever played "The Veil"?

Trading position for Effect feels very much like Blades in the Dark. Was that your mechanical inspiration?

PS. I just noticed: I can't find where it says how to actually build a character. Do you just get one "stat" tag? How many trained skills do you start with? (If that's up to the group, what would you recommend as a default, to get the conversation started?)

PPS. My bad. I just realized that the listings at the end are character archetypes. I assumed they were NPCs, like a monster manual.

Having now reviewed those characters, I'm getting a "The Black Hack" vibe.

Developer (1 edit)

I feel you, the jam was much shorter than I'd have liked, since cyberpunk requires so much specific content to built (equipment, cybernetics, hacking/the matrix, etc.) I just didn't get everything done that I wanted to. I was already late to submit as it is. It was originally built as a Black Hack hack, though besides the characters that I basically just directly imported and reflavored. Also as you mentioned, a few mechanics from Blades in the Dark as well. 

Thanks for the compliment. The Bad Omen stuff is meant to become more and more common, but if it was a fully-built game meant to sustain longer campaigns, I would probably have a different way of handling "critical failures".

I haven't played the Veil, though I've seen the rules. 


I had hoped to do more of the stuff you mentioned actually and build out the chassis, but like I said, Cyberpunk required so much specific to the setting to be built that with the length of the Jam, I spent more time rebuilding the engine  than I thought I would.