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The Bones Brothers

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That's fantastic, thanks so much for playing! Yeah the glitches aren't the worst thing in a game like this :)

Hi there, are you playing on Windows, or Mac?

Newer Macs have some permission settings that make it hard to run previously-zipped apps. On windows, most game builds of this type give you a permission warning, and if that particular warning is showing, you should be able to click "More Info", followed by the "Run Anyway" button.

Let me know if you're still struggling and I'll see if I can help.

hi a1k3, that sounds great! You can mail me at and we can chat.

Hi! Yes, the xbox360 controller should be suitable to play the game. It's what we used when developing the game, but do let us know if you have any problems anyway.

Hi Homerpm, we've just uploaded a new build that should fix this. You can now join with the triangle button on the PS4 controller. Thanks for letting us know about this :)

Hey :-) Sorry for the wait, different time zones. unfortunately we didn’t test with the ps4 controller but maybe try hitting enter on your keyboard? In the mean time we will try add a start option for the ps4 controller asap!

Yay! Thanks for the support :-)

thank you :-)

we will have a mac build up in a couple days :-) will check out the GDWC!

thank you :-) mac build will be up in a couple days!