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The bug has vanished and I can now follow that questline!

There's also another weird bug where if you have the lnk file for the first phone quest, leaving via any exit node kills the game by putting you in a limbo state where you cannot interact with the world.

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I would love to see this expanded on more and have some of its bugs fixed. For example, after picking up the file for the first quest, I cannot leave the horizon server without it instantly putting me into what seems to be limbo, with no means of interacting with the world.

You have struck a formula that works. I absolutely love this. However, there's severe lag when futures are limited to one column by future-reducing items in the other two.

This game has a great deal of potential. With new mechanics, new ways for them to interact, and maybe a system of collectible cards to be collected by moving over them, then played or used to change the face of the battlefield, I could see this legitimately growing into something marvelous, because the core concept of "cards that do things moving around a plane" is a very nonrestrictive creative space to inhabit.