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oh no i meant like the sodium stuff

Could you make it so that you can toggle on a version like before all  of those neuron gates were there and all the complicated neurobiology stuff? Maybe just a mode to set where you can put the complexity level down like to the version were all the gates and the yellow lines weren't there? Other than that I've been having fun with cannibalism, but in the end my babies got my fishie

I've recently been experimenting with pushers and discovered that combining the soul eater with pushers is very deadly. I put five of them pointing to the same point where the beams all intersect. This means that the one point can insta-shot almost every zooid(I added agonizers as well). Combined with the pushers, you don't need to have any nutrition stored up because the pushers make the depleted soul eater shots(normally a weak and lousy red squiggle) to go extremely far. This combo also has infinite pierce. (Sry, don't have a picture!)

Ok. I hope that you feel better soon! Thank you!

Oh I also noticed on the front page that there are harpoons in the game now, is it part of a newer version? If so, is there a way to update my game without losing all of my saved creations?

So I've recently been experimenting with making ecosystem chains, and sometimes the ecosystem does not interact the way I want to because of creatures of the same species gobbling each other up.(Though it still is fun to take control of my own creature and join in on the gobbling!) Also, could you implement a healing sort of mechanism where creatures that were injured from predators can grow back parts once they get enough nutrients?

Just a quick question: I noticed that there don't seem to be any more muscle spots on the carnivorous jaws, just curious if it's a glitch or it's on purpose?


I've tried way too many things to get it to work...

For some reason, I can't play the game online ... i'm not sure what's wrong, but both of my computers can't load the page.