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Golden Christian

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Your right, collisions and attacking is very inconsistent, I hope you still enjoyed playing though!

I might be able to make a java applet, but I'm not sure this game is good enough to deserve the time it would take to achieve that.

Thanks JiRath for the feedback, I 100% see what you mean and it might be good to know that I wasted some time at the beginning, and ended up starting this 48 hours before the deadline! If I hadn't wasted time I could have fixed the bugs, I will keep it in mind for next time.

This is a totally unedited screenshot from my new top-down, Zelda style survival game, called (drumroll please) ... Pixel Survival! (yea it rolls rite off the tung i kno). I will submit it soon and hope to maybe get the W!

Thanks for the comment derKonig!

I am currently working on a Java version of the game, which I feel will work way better. Thanks for the suggestions; I will take them into account when making the Java version.