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Honestly I haven't tried trough the version yet. There really isn't any reason to let ANY app no matter how good it is to have access to everything.

hey if your still interested in playing the android version I've personally had success using Joiplay. You can get it on the Google play store but make sure you download the Windows version as that is the only that will work. I believe you also need to download both the rpg maker plugin and the renpy plugin all of which is free so no worries on that end.

I'm on Android so maybe that helps?

lol true I suppose but if something goes crazy on my shiz I'm gonna blast ya

So I was wondering why the game requires access to all files?

Are all versions available. Or is it just the PC or mobile version as of now?

I'm a bit new to so forgive me if I'm doing something wrong but I purchased the game a day ago and what I've played so far is really good so far. My question is now that there's an update I have to pay again? If someone could please explain what if anything I'm doing wrong I would be appreciative. I've already tried using the link got in my email but that only let's me download up to version 0.12.