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You are oh so close to making this a size that can be printed as a booklet without having to trim every page. Any way to make the printable version's pages a little taller? I will convert it to a booklet and sent it back for you to use :)

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Sweet. I wanted a hardback which there is for Runecairn: Wardensaga. I just order a copy. Love all of your stuff!

Do I need the Runecairn core book if I get Runecairn: Wardensaga? Are all the Runecairn rules in Runecairn: Wardensaga?

Any update on the actual-play?

On converting monsters, for two games is says "Heart → Wits or Spirit". Since there are two options for what to use for Heart, maybe explain how to determine which one to use and why.

That being the case, can you send me a link so I can upgrade to the physical book?


Can the Runecairn Bestiary be used with We Deal In Lead without converting things?

Awesome! Please let me know when you do!

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I am excited to try this. Some of the rules are a little fuzzy. It would be great is you could do a video walk-through      . 

Also, for printing, could you make the page size 11 X 8.5? Right now it is 11.70 X 8.27.

I sent a DM to you in twitter a few days ago.

While I love the look of the dark layout, this is going to take a TON of ink to print and the pages will most likely curl. Could we get a version that does not have the black background?

I feel like  failed you on this one. I read the book in several iterations and did not catch this.

So it was printed this way in the book?

What column  was missing  in the Names tables?

Thanks for all the clarifications!

I assume the mundane guns don't bypass armour and ignore DEF?

Thanks for the response. Not trying to min/max, just making sure I understand things before I run this.

One last question for now, are there mundane guns? If so, do they use the same lead as the Artefact Guns?

Any thoughts on this?

Since this is the case, it would seem that it is better to carry a mundane bow and arrow for shooting most things and only use Artefact Guns only when dueling another gunslinger since Artefact Guns can miss.

Also are there guns that are not Artefact Guns? If so, it seems that it would be better to use a mundane gun than an Artefact Gun (I know Artefact Guns have special abilities to try to make up for this but those do not seem good enough to make up for a 50% chance of missing).

I do not understand the relation between Fatigue and Inventory Slots. Say I only have 3 inventory slots free. What happens if I take on more than 3 Fatigue? Do I have to start dumping inventory? Also, does fatigue only affect the PC in that it take an inventory slot?

After reading the book again, (if I am reading it right) it seems odd that Mundane Weapons always hit. Is this correct? If so, this is never explicitly stated that this is the case.

I just got my physical copy and and I am blown away! The quality of the book is outstanding and the layout and art are beautiful! Looking forward to playing this with my group!

There is a minor alignment issue on pg. 22.

Sweet. Printing those pages again. Thanks for the quick update!

No problem! The other art and layout is impeccable so I was pretty sure this was not the result you were looking for.

I took pics so you can see what I see. The pixeled pic is in focus.

I printed this and everything looks great except for the tables. They are pixelated like the tables are graphics. Is this the case?

Done. I received your email. I will make the payment once I get paid this Friday. Thank so much!

Is there anyway I can upgrade my purchase so that I can get the Physical Edition?

Thanks! I felt bad having two copies.

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Is there a way to un-claim a community version? I paid and now I have two versions showing up in my purchased items.

No problem.

There is a issue with the heading on tables on page 25 and 40.

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I read this today and it looks really fun. One question. When looting where it says Loot +2, +3, etc, I assume the modifier is there because the higher the roll, the better the loot?

Also, a big shout out for having a print ready version! This made it so easy to print and make a booklet!

Thanks for the info!

It says for solo play to look in the Runecairn Advanced Rules book. I cannot find the Advanced Rules book.