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Thanks! I felt bad having two copies.

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Is there a way to un-claim a community version? I paid and now I have two versions showing up in my purchased items.

No problem.

There is a issue with the heading on tables on page 25 and 40.

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I read this today and it looks really fun. One question. When looting where it says Loot +2, +3, etc, I assume the modifier is there because the higher the roll, the better the loot?

Also, a big shout out for having a print ready version! This made it so easy to print and make a booklet!

Thanks for the info!

It says for solo play to look in the Runecairn Advanced Rules book. I cannot find the Advanced Rules book.

Thanks for the info!

As far a booklets go, I like using the Booklet setting in Acrobat. Basically each page is 8.5 X 5.5. Not as small as what you have now though but very easy to print.

BRIGHTHAMMER community · Created a new topic How to fold?

Is there a particular way to print and fold the pocket mod versions?

Thanks for the info!

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Any suggestions for a good OSR Bestiary? Preferably one that I can buy a physical copy of. Thanks!

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Got ya. Thanks for the clarification on both things. Will you be updating the PDF?

Also, thanks for making this one off. I am following you and will buy all that you create!

I a little confused about page 3. On Acidic Touch what does "d6 for d6" mean? 

Also, on page 4 it says "Anyone willing to make a sacrifice to the acid may take d2 chemical damage to cast an acid tribute for Presence DR8 or Toughness DR 12." I assume  you have to do this each time you use an acid tribute?


Looks like that did it!  Thanks!

Everything looks good until page 39 where there is a missing back page and everything is off again.  I have only checked Jan.

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I am sorry to say that the updated PDFs still does not layout right when printed 2 up or 4 up.  If it was exactly the same as the physical copy, it would work but things have been moved around.  For example, in Jan, the page that was supposed to be after page 5 was moved after page 6 which then throws everything off.

Sounds good.  Thanks!

I did not realized that the previous day's back page was that resolution for the current day.  Looks like I was confused.  In that case, the order in which the physical copy is in will be just as good as the order that I suggested.  So no need to reorder the pages I think.  We just need a link to download a PDF in the same order as the physical copy.

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I would suggest being exactly the physical version is.  That way on page if you print 2 or 4 pages of the PDF on one sheet you get:

front of page | back of that page 
front of page | back of that page

So back of the page is right next to the front of the page in a 2 PDF page or 4 PDF page print setup.

Would it be possible to get a version of the pdfs with all the pages as per the physical copy?  It would make it much easier for those of us who want to print 2 or 4 pages per sheet.