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The Bardic Inquiry

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Hey IamTheLibrarian, 

I'll add 10 copies so please feel free to grab one and I would love to view your review :) .

Hi Oscardiggs,

Wow! This is a great analysis and I love it!

The consort action is a very risky action which may not always be the best option, but then again, sometimes you need that coin and don't want to risk losing progress on your spell or some other desperate situation you have laid out on your comment.

Though, I will clarify that you should be replacing bonds when they're exhausted, so it is always a 50/50 chance of a positive or negative outcome when taking the consort action.


  • Bonds are assigned to each suit (page. 10).
  • Cordial Person does act as a clubs bond with some the same consequences when they're encountered.

It reads like you have a great winning strategy for Grimoire! I hope you're still able to enjoy the game :) . The bond mechanism is something I would likely change when I revisit Grimoire, not because it's filled with risk, but because I would want to make Grimoire be a less oppressive and difficult game mechanically.

Thanks again, Oscardiggs, for your analysis :)

Hey BristleBumpkin,

Welcome to solo roleplaying! I'm honored you have chosen Grimoire to be your first solo RPG :) .

Great question! The face card would not count because it is not considered a card added to a spell. The spell doesn't exist until that face card is in play. So, breathe a sigh of relief, Bristle! Haha.

I hope you enjoy your time with Grimoire! I hope this answers your question, and if you have any more then feel free to reach out :) .

Hey Helrunar117! Thanks for dropping by! I'm so happy to hear you enjoy the game <3

Thanks, blablabla212! :)

Thank you! The game is not quite finished yet, so feel free to share your thoughts on it as you play more :) .

You and me both! I tried making a dice alternative to Jenga which worked for tension, but it just wasn't the same.

Nice work! I think you captured the feel of superheroes well in such a small amount of mechanisms. Nice, clean layout too!

Great layout and a fun theme too! I really like the way you used a Jenga tower in this game, thematic and tense :) .

The image and layout really sets a tone with this game. Just reading through the rules feels me with emotion which tells me it must be an intensely emotional game to play. Well done!

Oh my gosh I can't believe I missed that formatting issue 😅 .

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! It was a lot of fun writing this up and testing out the game, and I just love the alien art.

And I see you have a submission with an intriguing name 👀 .

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the game - you have made my day! :) .

I am a real sucker for supernatural themes! I find it interesting how you varied how much damage can be healed with each rest - it definitely adds some more tension to the firelights engine. Nice work :) .

Love the theme of this, Nik! Also that cover is beautiful!

Great game! I really enjoyed all of the different methods for generating prompts using a book. Each fit the theme of whatever entity I was generating very nicely.

Hi fiveminutehero,

The game is easily adaptable to solo play and I have included a simple oracle to facilitate some yes/no questions. Additionally, the game comes with many random tables to help generate encounters and such which work well for solo play.

Hi PurpPop,

I have added a few extra community copies, so feel free to grab one :) .

Happy wizarding!

Hi Spagooli (Love the name)!

I am very happy to hear that you have been enjoying GRIMOIRE :) .

For the offering of a spell, you can think of them as spell components in DnD, but they also include strange behaviours or rituals you might have to do. It is really there to add some flavour to the spells and consider what might be necessary for balance if you were to port the spell to another system that has such requirements on magic.

Unfortunately your second point has stumbled on an old rule left over from an early version of the game. I had thought I found them all! You can safely ignore the removal of face cards due to this rule and it will not impact the game.

I hope this clears things up for you and thank you so much for reaching out! If you have any more questions, suggestions, or suggestions, I am always eager to hear them :) .

Thank you for the feedback! I'll keep it in mind when I release the next update :) .

Thank you so much for the kind words, Seamonsmer!

Hearing you find joy in the world of GOLEM has inspired me :) .

How have you found the mechanics? Is there anything you have changed or found to be lackluster?

Thanks for reaching out! I have contacted you privately via email :) .

Thank you so much! I really love how you incorporated some of your journaling throughout the post. Very well written and I am glad you enjoyed your time with GRIMOIRE!

Thank you for taking the time :)

Very concise game, Ricardo! The game reads as a very sophisticated and cohesive procedure focused around the one look-up table. The battle system provides a clean and mathematical approach that ties in with training, evolving, and capturing. 

Excellent work, Arthur! I really liked the premise for this game and the focus you maintained in your design. Unfortunately, I was unable to see the entirety of the document as no matter which .pdf viewer I used, from page 18, the text did not render correctly for me. I particularly liked the design of the character sheets. It would have been good to include some personality examples as you did with passions.

Cool game, Jov516! I particularly liked the prepared moves for the pokemon. I found that it added a nice amount of variable impact to each mon. I think this game has a lot of potential and would benefit from such strict thematic boundaries on the design, e.g. using the mechanics to evoke the setting you described could really make it feel like a more cohesive experience.

Great work, benji t! I like the changes you made to the 24xx system, particularly around the evolution of the etymon :) .

Thank you! If you have any feedback or thoughts, I would love to hear it :) .

Thank you so much for the kind words! I hope the game serves your table well :) .

Hi Cl4yton,

Thank you for your query! Currently, GRIMOIRE is not set up for that style of game, however I do have the beginnings of such a game in development.

This project will not be released for a little while now, but you might find my current project helpful with allowing some kind of adventure and exploration: GOLEM.

There are plenty of community copies available for download :)

These are great! I have used this in a roleplaying game I made recently for a jam.

Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to play GRIMOIRE!

I loved your narration of Burlak Steelstash's brief adventure and your ideas for conversion to DnD at the end were very cool :) .

And it was most definitely a magnificent moustache ;) .

Thank you for the support! I hope you find joy in playing!

Of the 40-page document, new content is on 34 pages!

(1 edit)

I hope you have a good time with GRIMOIRE and keep an eye out for the free update to the .pdf in a couple of weeks :) .

Hi Copperaeon,

That is definitely a typo! It should not be a comparison. A player can have multiple spell sets.

Thank you for taking the time to bring this to my attention. I am in the process of updating the file with the various typos I have collated over these past few months.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ASCII style you approached the graphics throughout the document!

Thank you for the heads up, Jackledead!

Thank you for taking the time to provide some feedback! I will keep it in mind when I further develop the game in the future.

Maybe Cookie Monster has poor taste :P (That was a bizarre trailer and the marketing for that game was phenomenal).