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This game is such an amazing rougelike for how little time it was made in, from the bossfight with two different phases or the randomly designed levels, this game s amazing and could easily be expanded further

I love how well this game encapsulates everyone hating you

Wait, you can see it in other browsers?  well there goes the biggest issue with the game

Really great game, has a very nice artstyle , it was very short but in it you have made it completely polished

Already did so when I wrote the comment

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In such a short amount of time you have developed a world that could so easily be expanded on, the game is harsh in difficulty with how much you have to pay attention to which is both a blessing and a curse, and the lack of cursor confused me as to where my mouse was,  but literally everything else is amazing, including how you built an entire game within the game

Music fits in really well, its a nice quick game to mess around with for a few minutes, seems like something that you would play in school on the computers

I love how this is a rage game you can master, its not one that just doesn't try and forces you to guess random things