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Great Demo! Excited to see the outcome for the full release!

This game was good at first, however I ran into a few bugs which stopped me from finishing the game. 

The number pad stopped working when you got the code wrong,  and the game crashed every time the monster appeared. Also the sound effects and music cut out suddenly?

Apart from that, it was pretty good game!

Very creepy game! I loved the visuals and the ambience of the sound made it terrifying. I would like to see what game you could make in more than 48hrs because this was great!

The super 8 changing time mechanic is such an interesting feature. Excited for the full realise!

Really enjoyed the demo & excited for the full release. Great graphic, atmosphere and ambience with the sound! 

Great game! Really impressed with the visuals and the ambience. Excited for the sequel!

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Great game! with some chilling audio. Although some of the jump scares were too expected.

A Short game, but REALLY well made! I am a fan!

A Good concept for a game! Took me awhile to get to grips what to do though!

A good little game! Great graphics and story and added fear with having to charge the flashlight!

However I did feel that the monster needed a bit more!

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Such an intense game to put you on the endge of your seat! Got to say Alex is a fast mover! I recorded a quick play through of the game!

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This game is amazing! Really good graphics, good atmosphere and great sound effects! It will definitely give you a scare!

Recorded a play through which you can view here: