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The Last Light

Last Light is a first-person horror game for the PC · By kpwashere, zylozs

Let's Play videos of 'The Last Light'

A topic by RadiCarl created Apr 28, 2016 Views: 1,218 Replies: 16
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Since we "Let's Players" couldn't post comments on your game site I thought I do like this :)
Here you go! Hope you enjoy it! :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!


Thanks so much for taking the time to play it! Was a great student project our team worked on this past semester. Thanks for posting!

I hope you guys and gals passed, because you deserve it! It was an amazing game and I have faith every one of you will become a vital asset to whatever company you end up in, or if you go out on your own that you will make awesome games.

The Last Light Part 1:Smoke Monster from Lost?


-Very good graphics, everything ran smoothly.

-Having to turn off the flashlight and be in pitch black darkness while recharging added to the creepy factor.


-Minor conflicts with the flashlight disappearing into the walls.

-Sophie's voice was a bit hard to hear at times.

It really is a great game overall, and I can't wait to get back to recording the other two parts. Good job!

The Last Light Part 2 - Feeling A Bit Stuck?

Here's a link to part 3 - The Last Light Part 3 Final - A Tragic End

I also added a review of the game on my blog.

Shadow is following me! So intense!

Thank, guys for the amazing game!

The last light! Shadow is following me! Horror game!

Your ChoppyPine

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Nice Idea RadiCarl :)

Nice short HORROR!

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Really nice game with interesting flashlights mechanics.

Here's my playthrough:

I loved this one. I really enjoyed the mechanics of the portable power supply. Though I did mock the character complaining about it. :) The monster was simple enough to stay pretty threatening. My only major complaint is that there is no real fear of failure. Knowing that you'll just start back at the checkpoint took the fear away a bit. That all being said, really well done!

A good little game! Great graphics and story and added fear with having to charge the flashlight!

However I did feel that the monster needed a bit more!

Here's an LP from HarshlyCritical, a moderately popular YouTuber.

Made a lets play about a week ago. Figured I'd get famous by posting my video here. Hehe.

Had a fun time playing, but the monster was not the scariest, and it was a bit hard to hear the voice acting from the protagonist.

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I did a Let's Play of your game nice graphics and a solid little game, good work had a few little frights in there, I'll be posting the second part in a bit too.

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I also made a lets play video :-D i Find the game very interesting and nice :-) but i found 1 Glitch/Bug i think do not remember if it will be in episode one or two(two will be online tomorrow ) But overall a entertaining Game :-D

I made 3 videos on the game showcasing my initial reaction and overall how I felt about the game here,

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Hey everyone, my walkthrough. To bad I found a bug while playing. And damn, that noise.

I really enjoyed this game!