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Really enjoyed playing this game! The art style was unique, the game mechanics felt really well done, it provided a good challenge as it was not too easy or too hard (or I just was god awful on some levels), and the overall feel of the game was just outstanding, and you only worked on this for four months. It was a very good game to be made in that amount of time, and again, I really enjoyed playing it!

From the same creator that brought you Keep Going Right, now brings you Sunnyside: Temples Far Beneath! A 2D pixel side-scrolling platformer (in the similar fashion of the original Super Mario Bros.) with 15 fun levels! Explore the worlds as you follow your map to find the treasure of Opossum Oscar, king of the lost Temples Far Beneath! But be warned! The path ahead to the treasure will not be easy, as the treasure guardians block the way! Adventure awaits with treasure waiting for you at the end of the path!


Really love the artwork you've provided here! I'll definetely credit you as one of my art designers for a game I'm currently working on. Keep up the good work!

Hi everyone! Just published my first game on this website (well, published my first game ever, considering I'm still in high school) called Keep Going Right. The concept is very similar to a flash game called "I Don't Even Game." This game is completely finished and I would greatly appreciate anyone who would want to take the time to play this. Please click on the picture below to take you to the game screen! Feedback on what I could do better would be great!

On a side note: I am hoping you will like this so much that you might want to see a sequel. If you enjoy playing this game and would like to see a sequel, I am open to any suggestions such as room ideas that you might want to see!