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Arthur Mountain

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Nvm paska peli. LOL kannattaa pelata.

Very atmospheric and fun to play!


is a surrealistic walking-simulator game where you are excluded from your home village, and must now travel the weird world.
The game is short and shouldn't take too long to complete, even if you explore a bit.

Download it here:

This is great stuff! Truly one of those games that proves to me that videogames are art. Autobiography mixed with a parody/fangame of a game continuing the story.

Only trouble I had was figuring out the controls, but that was the normal struggle you had when playing old flash games way back then. <3

Thank you for the suggestion!

A very good and well crafted atmospheric game. Might not be for everyone, but goddamn was it up my alley!

Nice playthrough!

Not only is this game a great statement, it's multiple ones.

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I love this game. I love the atmosphere, the music, the simple mechanics and the basically invisible tutorial to them. I love the philosophical thoughts scattered throughout the journey, and the vague story. The 2.5d and 2d mixed with a fisheye lens on the camera really makes it look satisfying. Definitely one of the top 5 games I've found on

At the end of the fourth level while going down the bridge, you can clip out of bounds at the end. This required me to restart, to play till the end.

This is a comment!?!?

Oh man that was a very nice experience. Love it.

Voitin pelin.

Best game ever!