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PLAY: Park The Car

"Park The Car" is based off the GameMaker tutorial "MAKE YOUR FIRST CAR GAME"

You make a car parking game, using visual programming in GameMaker.

This game has 5 levels and the speed of the car increases on each level.

Park in the green parking spot and you advance to the next level.

Hit a parked car and the game is over and you can replay the game.

Park the car in the green parking spot to advance to next level.

PLAY: Park The Car

PLAY The Galactic Mailman

"The Galactic Mailman" is a remake of the "Galactic Mail" game in the "The Game Maker Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners" book.
"The Galactic Mailman" was made with Game Maker 2.0 GML Visual(drag-and-drop).
The original game had 3 levels.
I have add two more levels with faster-moving asteroids, smaller moons, larger planets and smaller planetoids.

Spot the 10 Differences between 2 versions of the same image.
In this game, there are 24 levels.
In each level, you see two versions of one image and have to find the 10 differences between them by touching or clicking on those spots.

PLAY  Spot 10 Differences

Very ENLIGHTENING. Let's All of US keep our light shining.

I finally got it solved by going to an online anagram solver.

Maybe you should make the 1st puzzle in the game a little easier.
Some people might be discouraged from trying to solve it.

Just a thought 

I have downloaded your demo game. Looks very interesting.

I can figure out how to solve the puzzle.

I have read the other comments  but I still can't figure how to solve it.

Very Nice short Interactive Fiction 

Second Sun community · Created a new topic Nice Game

I really enjoyed playing it