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The Two Rooks

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Hey peeps anyone who fancies aplacing a question can post it here!


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This is truely a fantastic concept and i really look forward to seing it develop, a majour flaw with the game however is it's lack of music which i believe makes it lose some of it's ambiance and mysterious undertones! Really looking forward to seeing this develop and grow into what i can only hope is a mystery worth solving AdsaGamer!

what game engine was used to makr this?

This game is cool

This Game looks cool

looks like a cool game

Again i will make sure to tell you when it is done, as this project is looking to be quite good

Also, now I am creating another game that was inspired by Rage, I might use some of your sounds if thats ok

My game is Gunpoint 2, it is a pretty crappy game but it can pass a bit of time

I can't tell how much of this is sarcastic because of my amazing visual style for making the game

This game truly is what I have been missing in my life

fun game and reminds me of using ms paint for the first time

Terrible steering and the neon lights are annoying, but it makes the game so bad that it is good

thanks for telling me how terrible my game is, I guess it may be almost good

it turns out that in dxdiag my gpu was reported to support directx 11 but according to 3d mark vantage it has no support for directx 10 and in 3d mark for directx 9 it ran at about 1 fps. So please could there be any way for your game to support this API, thank you if you do find a way

I've had an idea, if this is made with a custom game engine or unity, wouldn't there be a way to make a seperate version for a different graphics API, I do not mean to be forcing this idea on you as I think it may be that I am missing the Directx update on win7

Ok, the game jam ends in 12 days i think, its the awful summer game jam

Thanks for letting me use this music as I am quite bad at composing music, and if you want at some point I can give you a copy of the game to test if it works, good look at your next future project

Thanks for your help, I believe that the laptop is capable of directx10,  even though it is extremely old. I hope you have a great time creating your game, cause its awesome :D

I don't have twitter but am using these sounds in a game that is being created for the Auful summerGame Jam

Thanks for these sounds :D

I think that the reason it may not have been working was because what I am using is a laptop that I recently upgraded, but the Graphics Driver only supports OpenGL 1, so that might be why. But with other games that were tested they did not rn at all because of this or did not work as no 3D is being rendered. I am running Win7 ultimate edition with 3GB of DDR2 200pin RAM with a 1.73Ghz CPU and a 'Intel(R) Graphics Media Accellerator For Mobile'. Please see if you can fix this as your game is awesome and I respect that you may be busy because of how much there is to create in such a game and how many other people need help, but if it isn't due to me not installing the right drivers than it may be because your game currently does not support OpenGL 1. Please look into this when you get chance.

Thank you kind sir,  would you have any answer as to why there is no 3d being rendered on my old laptop. Do you think it would be the laptop not supporting the game engine or would it be a fault with the game? Thank you if you find a solution :)

can we have some support for 1024x768 resolutions?