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The Trash Dimension

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oh hey hahah you found the terrible bug I never fixed. You found one of the three terrible bugs I never fixed! Yeah you can keep playing, you just have to go to the place where Pizza Tony is, and then walk to you house by just walking straight west from pizza Tony. I forget why this happens but if you get the salt from PT and go home ANY OTHER WAY besides just walking straight west from PT, you can't read the book

literally perfect

I'm cured

Hey this story felt really nice. The teleportation puzzle is really nice too, I wanna cop that for a future game (:< 

oh right yeah! So that’s a combination of some borksy hacks involving sprites and tiles and items having no background, and then the tiles with no background can be made to be layered in front of your avatar. I forget the names of them right now but they’re 2  easy to find hacks on the list of hacks when you go to the borksy tool.
OmGGGG also yeah it’s so weird, I’ve noticed that SOMETIMES the transparent background hack doesn’t work for SOME rooms or objects. But like not on every play through. I have no idea how that’s happening but I appreciate the mystery. 
anyway yeah I could do a little walkthrough of my process in more detail sometime. It was both simple and time consuming. 

Aw thanks! The colors were a pain but I’m so happy I stuck with them at the end of it all. What do you mean by “forward and backward magic”? I definitely wanna share any part of my process that might be helpful. I learned a loooooot with this game cuz there was a lot I wanted to do that I knew nothing about when I started on it. 

Thanks for being kind and encouraging omg!

oh sick that really warms me to hear! Yeah the original text “Bolo’bolo” has a really cool second half (kind of a weird utopian fiction encyclopedia almost) while the first half is sort of dry theory which I’m only partially interested in. The thing as a whole is really fun if you can get through the first half tho! Also flambo and rowdy boy Jim were both last minute additions, like the day I released it was also the same day I added both those characters lol. And of course they’re both my fave.  Anyway you’re great, I’m really happy you dug it. <3

fucking perfect. The stuff you’re inspired by is like really not played with enough in games. Congratulations, this is extremely rad. 

yo hell yeah. The color changes were perfect. 

wuw that felt really good. You did it.

the way you made the woods difficult to navigate works really well. Also this music goes off. 

This reminded me of this fungus that takes control of ants bodies and makes them climb to a place above the rest of the ants colony where the spores can grow and rain down on the other ants, taking control of their bodies too. it's called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. anyway, loved this game, made me think about ants etc. <3

Siiiiiick, camp makes me so happy. This is helping inspire me to make my next bitsy game a first person. 

Aw shucks partner thanks yeehaw <3

This ruined my night! Thanks!

This was kind of perfect for me right now. I've been having these exact same kind of conversations in regards to like insecurities with partners and being trans, paranoia about faking people out or being faked out, etc. Yeah, this was amazing, thanks. 

siiiick, I'm really into the like ~Love so hard the world has to end~ thing. The final sequence was extremely rad too 

Eyyy sick that means a lot because I'm like super impressed with your shit! I've been playing through them on and off during work breaks and things like that.