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The Secret Experiment

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We've just launched our surreal noir Beckett on

The game itself is to be part of the V&A Museums new Scottish design gallery (

Folk are saying some really great things about it: "constantly original" & "unlike anything else" (Rock, Paper, Shotgun), "total and genuine auteurism" (Rolling Stone), "a playable work of art" (Just Adventure), "an acid trip into a Burroughs-esque dystopia" GamesFreezer.

But we want to know what you think! 

A quick heads up: players and commentators are calling the game "deeply disturbing". We embrace this. Beckett will make you question what it is to exist. It will scratch at the back of your mind. It will stay with you. It is an independent work in the way independent cinema is - an uncompromised voice delivering a powerful narrative.

Thanks for reading and your support. Any comments/questions - please do!

Simon Meek (writer, director)

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We've just launched our surreal noir Beckett on (here: It has been picked by the V&A Museum to be part of its permanent gallery opening this September in Dundee, Scotland.

Described by Rock, Paper, Shotgun as as "constantly original" and "unlike anything else", by Rolling Stone, as "total and genuine auteurism", and "a playable work of art" by Just Adventure. 

Do tell us what you make of it! It will make you question what it is to exist...