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Yes it does. We've been trying to fix any bugs we come across, but given that the team is only 2 people, QA is really hard to do effectively.

We've just released Total TakeOver to! You can find it here:

The game is in the early-ish stages of development, but it is playable (and, at least to our knowledge, pretty stable). Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Essentially, Total TakeOver is a turn-based strategy game where the goal is simple, but not easy: Total Domination. You're goal is to conquer the entire planet by occupying and annexing your opponent's colonies.


I just released most of the sprites I used in the game onto this site! I got as many of the sprites together as I could (some have been lost in the vortex of my computer, forever trapped in the game's source files) and uploaded them here.

Feel free to use them in any way that you like! If you do release a game using my sprites, please let me know (I'd love to check it out).

You can find the assets here:

I've been working on this for a while now, and I just got around to releasing it here today. I haven't been here too long, but I do hope to become a member of this community!

Ten Lightyears is about a poor little ship that just got sucked through a wormhole and is stranded deep in alien territory. Can you make it through all 75 levels, beat all 15 bosses, and get the ship home safe?

Ten Lightyears is my first game and, as such, is very far from perfect. Constructive criticism (and brutal honesty) is greatly appreciated.

Game page:

Launch trailer: