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hey That's weird I am sure I answered on another question with this.anyways yes editor is still in development, there were security problems which are almost solved. We hope to start beta as soon as possible :) you can join our discord server to stay in touch

Idk tbh I couldn't recreate it

indir düğmesine tıklayın. Not; Bu oyunun bir oyun reçel sürümüdür, bu yüzden sahip olduğumuz ekran görüntüleri ile eşleşmez. (google translate ile çevrilmiştir)

hello! here is one place to report bugs you find in the game :)

I assume you somehow missed tutorial or just didn't get it. you need to come close to totems ( black  cubic things on the map with white light  boxes on them ) and press E to activate a session, then you listed to music played and after it is completed you try to replay it using keys 1 - 8 .

the game might be hard for the people who didn't really had any experience at music because you need to have good pitch to get what notes are played but failing is not a problem you always can press E once again, Listen to the music and try to  "Repeat it"

I hope now you now how to play :) and thanks for feedback.

amazing  job! Nice music, cute graphics and excellent gameplay. I have nothing more to say.

The strongest sides of the game are music and style I LOVED them both. As for the rest I would say you did not really polished them up. I understand that in game jams it's easy to forget to create good gameplay too (which i guess is missing in my game as well) but it is very important to have . 

Thank you! but we are not planning to make it to a big project so if someone really likes the idea can take it. source is also available.

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Thank you ! but, actually I don't think we will make this into a bigger project. Because we have one medium size project called "Neural Bots".

actually if someone likes the idea they can take it.

try now

thanks I think I know what i need to do

can we download textures from here?

it is free to download 15 or maybe less textures (depends on cost). so it's not like we would use something that others can't access .

Games Factory Jam 6 community · Created a new topic 3 or 1

sorry for the silly question but do we have to use all 3 themes or we can pick just one?

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Can I participate in two game jams with only one game , I am asking because I saw another jam and I think that themes match perfectly. 

the other jam length is 3 days so I will make another more fixed version of the game for it but here I will upload 2 day progress only. so I think I won't brake the rules.

amazing!!! well done ! Very good models , smooth animations and great story! 

hi. narration was done by one of my friends British friend. and by the way we are planning on making full game out of it.

 in marks video u can't see but game is actually multiplayer and i don't know how it will handle such a big traffic

Thank you ! About narration we didn't wanted to be too annoying, not only for players but for the person we asked to record them as well . but you are right  we needed more of it.

I DID IT ! after 176 tries 00:45 baby

very good narrative and I LOVED that Linkin park references, played for 20 mins and 8 lvls ,how many are there in total ? I will finish them when I have time.

is there a game ? seems like file is empty

thank you ! it's very satisfying to see comments like this

Is there way to save Leo ?


lol this is what happens when programmers try to draw

very good ! I didn't expected that last story 

how to reset if i press wrong button ?

well it's not exactly made by unity as i know but whatever I don't really need it anyways. anyways thanks for response 

Can we use text mesh pro ?

thank you ! If we will come up with more stuff to add and better story line maybe we will make full game out of it and we will definitely use your suggestions .

again thank you very much!

thank you very much . sorry Taira :D

thenk you very much . I was watching the video with enormous smile on my face even i did not understand word you  where saying . it's really a big thing for me to see someone else the people i asked to play plays my game and sorry for game to be short and pointles it was mad for game jam in 3  days by me my friend NicksonG 

how soon will be video about jam results ?

lol new dark souls game 

cool art style but controls need some improvements 

pretty good for 72  though