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Worked like a charm. Thanks again!

Will do, thanks for the tip!

Hello! I'm trying to play your charming game, but when I download the Mac version it says the file is damaged and can't be opened. I'm on Mojave, 10.14.6. Do you have any advice?

: ) A charming game!  I especially liked all the mice and their hats and activities.

Delightful!  So many nice friends with nice gifts.

This was a great dungeon crawl! It scratched my "big spooky house with secrets" itch great.  In my opinion, people shouldn't insult witches, grand or otherwise.

Thanks for making a rad thing!

This is great!  I loved exploring the house and how different characters responded to the spoops.  I did run into a couple troubles, though: as Jenny, I couldn't find the symbol in the Graveyard, Chapel, junk room or library, though i rested in those rooms multiple times. Also I got an error with both Jenny and Viv upon opening the Vault:

The different Haunts are rad.  I especially liked winning as Zoe.  Thanks for your hard work!