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I saw this game at hobby con 2018, it was really cool. I talked with the devs, strongly recommend if you have friends over. It's really easy to get used to but hard to master, very addictive (in a good way)!

oh an yea its a zip file

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Download it, open it, open the folder inside it, and then open the only file in that folder which is the game! Also, all the tags are true, it's fantasy and it is certainly an MMORPG! Have fun!

P.s. I fixed the text, you should be able to read it now!

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Following SMALLTOWN-HERO, this game brings so much more. The game evolved, from a fantasy text-based game to now, a 2D MMORPG, with characters you interact with to give you quests, and make enemies who will hate you forever, and keep returning with a clever AI.

Join today, and join the quest, for your destiny!

cool im getting it now