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Nice game, looks really nice, but my only problem is sprite scaling. I know it makes the game look better, but ( because the game is rendered in a big resolution ) feels kinda off. But, overall, it's a great game!

Some things might be improved after the raiting period is over. Thanks for your review! 

It's a really fun game!

Cool game! My only problem is audio. It sounds too synthetic in a bad way.

I didn't understand anything. Controls are great, the art and sound design are alright.

The slugs in the rain are indeed peaceful.

This was just a decoration. Sorry i confused you!

I might add them after the jam. But I'm not sure if I'll have time to do it.

After 9 years in development it hopefully will be worth the wait

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Roguelike jam 4 community · Created a new topic What

Yo, description says that this is the third game jam, not fourth. Just saying.

Nice penguin platformer




Nice game! Hard bossfight tbh.

thanks :)

maxter's JAM 2021 community · Created a new topic лол


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Thank you! :)

Can I use aseprite? I mean there it is opensource, you can find it's code on git, devs posted it :|

Open Game Jam community · Created a new topic Questions

I did a question board cuz why not?

Very good, hard game with strange, but good looking visuals! I like it! :)

Good game with a great art,audio and gameplay! I like it! :)

Cute and fast paced game! I liked the sfx and visuals! Gameplay is good, but I don't always understand when can I buy seeds or animals. Overall nice game!

Very cute game with good music and sfx! :)

Great audio! Gameplay is good and very simple, I like it! I like it! :)

I like the game's audio and visuals! Gameplay is good but its very hard to control goose with only one button and I like it! 

The goose is drunk! :)

Good game with a great music! Idea is nice but you could expand it more, overall great game! :)

Thank you for feedback! I tried your game out and its amazing! :)

Very creative game with a great music! Very good graphics but font is kinda strange, especially in a game page. Overall great game that can be turned into something more! :)

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Pretty cool game, but camera is too close to the player and feels kinda strange... I liked the art and gameplay. Overall this is pretty good game! :)

Art is very good! I liked the gameplay, but the bug kinda ruins the game... It's very bad that game missing audio, but overall I liked the game! :)

Thanks! :)

Thank you :)

Construct 2 physics is kinda junky ngl :)

Thank you for feedback! :)

Thank you!

Thank you