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(game at 3:29:25)
I LOVED the look and feel of this game, and hope to see more in this kind of setting. My only complaints are just that some of the text doesn't stay on the screen long enough to read, and the ending wasn't very satisfying. I felt like there should have been some sort of unexpected thing, or twist to the story, especially considering where the story was going

(game at 3:02:25)
I enjoyed this, even with its very slow pace. The visuals are quite unique, and story kept me intrigued all the way through. It was a thought provoking little experience

(game at 2:11:46)
You nailed the look at feel of this type of horror game, but the gameplay and controls were a bit of a struggle for me

I chose to use a controller, and found it frustrating how slow the turning speed was. My objectives were quite confusing too. I came across a locked door at the beginning, so I spent a good part of my time looking for a key, only to learn that I'm supposed to get hit by the train to progress. I wasn't even aware that I could leave the platform. The keys that were needed to leave the office later were very tough to find, especially with the VHS filters. I thought the light was illuminating the door, not the soap dispenser. I'm guessing that the 'hide in a locker' mechanic comes into play later, because I don't recall using it at all later

Overall, the game felt unsettling though, which is good

(game at 1:01:37)
There's more to this game than just the file you download from itch. I'm not sure if I completed all of it, but I certainly experienced more than most of the commenters here. Fun little game, and ended up being educational too!

(game at 47:28)
This was a strange little experience. I think there was meant to be a deeper meaning to it besides just looking at some cool scans of bones. Remedios Varo is one of my favorite surrealist painters, so it was great seeing her referenced as an influence!

(game at 35:31)
This was a very charming little game! The characters were funny, the style was endearing, the challenge was simple enough to keep me interested all the way through. Great work!

(game at 25:54)
Approaches was surprisingly well made! I was worried this was going to end up being some kind of siren head thing, but it managed to do its own unique thing. Great style, perfect length, created a lot of intrigue. I actually have no complaints, this was a great little spooky experience!

Wow that's awesome! I'm glad you're still working on the game. I'll gladly give the update a try when you get to it

I enjoyed the visuals and the little bits of story I managed to come across, but I was very confused about how to progress beyond the hotel at the beginning. I admittedly was very tired after playing 10 other games before this one, so I might not have given this a fair chance. I wandered around for about 15 minutes unable to progress before I finally quit. It would have been nice to have some kind of objective indicator

(game starts at 6:14:00)

The visuals and audio were delightfully abstract. The concept is innovative, though realistically I don't think people are going to come back and play each real life day. For the long term, I think letting players endlessly generate new trips would be a lot more fun

I appreciate the trippy visuals that the mirrored effect gave, but it became very hard to appreciate what was happening after awhile, so I think having that be optional would help a lot of people

Flying around was fun, but easily broke the game. Within seconds of flying I managed to clip through the ground and fell infinitely until the day ended because I couldn't recover from it

(game starts at 5:55:20)

My favorite aspects of Undertide were easily the unique art direction and the story. I've never seen a game that looks quite like this! I also enjoyed the music, but the way it was delivered was a bit odd. I LOVED the way many of the buildings looked, along with the distinct color palette

When the music DID play, I liked it a lot, however it seemed entirely random when and where it played. There were tense moments I was expecting to hear some kind of creepy ambience, but instead there was silence. Later on some creepy ambience played in a random unrelated spot, unprompted, so I wasn't sure if it was a bug or intentional

The story was fun, and really ramped up fast towards the end. I might have accidentally triggered some story beats out of order, because I was very confused when the stage director was having me recreate a scene, but I had no idea what was going on but it kept forcing me to start over

Mechanically, the game felt very 'fragile', as in if I didn't move in exactly the intended path, I could break the whole game. I was relieved to see there was a fully unlocked chapter select to compensate for this. The collision detection was rough, because I often found myself getting stuck on decoration, clipping through walls, and I even fell out of the world entirely at the beginning

Lastly, it wasn't very clear what I could and could not interact with. Many of the NPCs blended together, so I didn't know who I could and could not talk to. There were also doorways that I thought were decoration, but ended up being essential to story progression. Some kind of effect to indicate interactivity would have smoothed things out quite a bit

Overall though, this was an unexpectedly nice game. My criticisms are mostly 'polish' kinds of things, so I'm looking forward to checking out your future projects!

(game starts at 4:49:40)

I enjoyed the weird and vibrant visuals, which fit the theme of the jam quite well. Some cool shader stuff going on!

The loud and repetitive nature of some of the music got a bit annoying to listen to after the 30th (non-seamless) loop of it. The slowed and toned down versions of it that came up later were nice though

There didn't seem to be any structure to the gameplay at all. I thought collecting the crystals would cause something to change, but there was no indicator that this was the case. Collecting the orb on the pedestal also seemed to have no effect, so I felt directionless. I know Dream Emulator inspired games are light on the gameplay, but this would have benefitted from even something as simple as 'collect 3 crystals to unlock the next area' kind of thing

(game starts at 4:40:39)

I enjoyed the abstract visuals that this experience offered, as many of the LSD Jam games do. I do think this could have benefitted from some kind of ambient background sound or music to tie things together

Gameplay wise, I liked the addition of the sliding mechanic, but I wasn't even aware it was a feature until I happened upon it by accident. I know that the itch page here tells you, but most people aren't going to take time to read that, and the game doesn't really teach you about it directly

All around, this was a great submission to the jam, so I'm excited to see any future projects!

(game starts at 4:28:32)

This creator's games are all very pleasant audio-visual adventures, and this one was no exception. The quirky dialog from all the characters was a real treat as well. It instilled a feeling of alienation, like I didn't belong here (in a good way). Even just the title screen is beautiful on its own, and I found it hard to start playing because I wanted to just sit and take it in

My only complaint is that there desperately needed to be a 'run' feature. I know that you could technically go out of your way to get the 'quick shoes', but because of how long it was taking me to collect 20 coins I lost interest in trying to obtain them, thinking the pace would pick up later, but it didn't

The very slow movement speed did a toll on me, making it hard to progress. I didn't manage to complete the game because finding the child near the end was taking far too long, so I got frustrated and quit. It's a shame because everything else in the game is so good

Another little thing that could have helped is if the collectables made a sound when you got near them, so that it would be less frustrating finding the last few things needed to progress

(game starts at 2:32:13)

Experiences like this are some of my favorites to happen upon on this website. The audio and visuals were engrossing, but what stood out the most to me was the creative use of the constantly changing 'frame'. Having the experience locked to a set time progression was also a clever idea, because it instilled a sense of urgency behind the exploration, knowing that it was all going to end soon. Fantastic work by everyone involved in this little project

(game starts at 2:22:07)

This is one of the higher effort LSD Dream Emulator inspired games out there. I really appreciated the original characters and music that were created for this! I found it hard to put down because I kept wanting to discover more

My only complaint is that pressing the ESC key instantly quits the game. When streaming, it's common to press ESC in order to bring back the cursor to click something in another monitor, but here it instantly quits, making you lose all of your progress. This happened to me twice and it was very frustrating! I would have also appreciated being able to hold Shift to run, because some of the larger areas become tiresome to walk across after I had explored them already

(game starts at 37:40)
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Another lovely little ambient experience by colorfiction. I felt inspired to try playing some other music along with it too. It was very soothing. My only criticism is that I'd like for the game to not pause when alt-tabbing away from it. This is something I'd like leaving running in the background, and right now all sound and visuals stop when I try playing it in the background

(game at 12:00)

I spent about 3 hours playing this game, and managed to make it to the 'end'. Pressing 'r' to be sent to random places was addictive. Some combinations of effects and sound were so nice that I just left the game running to enjoy it
(game starts at 3:14:36)

The name "Memory of a Broken Dimension" is the perfect way to describe this game. If I had computer data transmitted directly into my brain, this is how it would look at feel. The game will not appeal to most people, because it's 'loud and confusing', but that fact works in its favor
(game starts at 2:15:37)

This was a pleasant little dreamy experience. The music was especially nice!
(game at 1:56:00)

I love these sorts of unexplained abstract experiences. I'd like to see this as an idle game where you just leave it running for hours and things change over time, and slider adjustments that you make have an effect of some sort. My only complaint is that the static noises were obnoxiously loud and overpowered everything else
(game at 30:08)

Ode to a Moon is easily my favorite creation from Colorfiction. The mood was engrossing, and strikes an intriguing balance between horror and surreal. I'd really like to see this continued into a full game
(game at 6:24)

I wrote a review for the game, but I'm not too familiar with how Itch handles and displays them, so I'll paste my review here as well...

This was a stunningly beautiful little game. The visuals may be minimal, but they communicate just enough to let the story take center stage. The soundtrack is gorgeous on its own, and when put along side the premise of 'the clock is ticking', it gave this growing sense of urgency and emotional impact.  Be sure to check out the rest of aeden's music, because it's all worth a listen, especially when it's late at night and your mind is in a contemplative state.

I went into it knowing it was probably going to be a personal story, but what I didn't expect was how relatable it would become. If you're someone who has ever spent periods of your life desperately struggling to express yourself through art, but could never find the time and motivation, this will hit you deeply. From what I understand, the game never gives you enough time to find and talk to everyone for as long as you want to. It becomes this struggle of balancing how involved you want any one person to be in your 1-hour life. Prioritizing who means the most to you, and who is easiest to let go. I was told it would take multiple runs to see and read everything the game offers, but I felt like my own 1 hour journey was just right amount. As you can see in my playthrough below, it ended up being a catalyst to several hours of 'life discussion' with my chat during the stream. If you give this your time, it could be for you too. I'm looking forward to aeden's future work!

This was a very nicely made project! I especially liked the use of real video in the beginning, just like LSD Dream Emulator. The Silent Hill music was a little unfitting in my opinion, but all the rest of the sound was nice. Keep up the great work!

Another fantastic, dreamy little adventure. I especially liked the non-sensical randomized dialog. I've definitely had dreams where I struggle to understand what people say to me just like this. Great work!

Great to hear! TV Head is looking really interesting, I'll probably give that a play eventually too

I'm a bit late to this one, but am glad I gave it a shot. I played through every game, read all the logs. The presentation of the collection was especially fun with this sort of paranormal study of each disc. My only complaint was the lack of audio and mouse sensitivity controls between each game. I hope to see more equisite-corpse style jams!

streamed it here: 

This game surprised me with how (pleasantly) obscure the puzzle solving was. I'm always down for new and unusual style horror like this! I especially enjoyed the repurposed public domain video, it added an ARG-like element to it. I would love to see this concept revisited in a new game!

streamed the game here: 

This was a very simple, short spooky story. I like the concept of us following this person's walk home from work each day as things changed over time. I didn't feel particularly scared, but just more intrigued about what was going to happen next. I could hear scares happening, but didn't see them. I overall enjoyed it, especially since it wasn't loud and in your face

streamed it here: 

This was a nice, refined little game! It promised a theme, delivered, and without any of the usual annoying tropes that a lot of indie horror games fall into. I'd definitely like to see more on this concept!

streamed it here: 

I absolutely loved this. There was clearly a lot of care and creativity put into this. I spent hours playing it and...almost...unlocked all of the special content. I streamed this process in my video below...

My one complaint is that the current version of the game continually tries to open SteamVR when I launch it. It's apparently a common Unreal Engine bug, and can easily be fixed by unchecking a box in the plugins menu from the editor

I was not able to fully complete the game, because apparently my save file became stuck. I found all 4 secret switches, but the game only responded to me flipping the orange and yellow ones. No matter what order I flipped them all it only responded to 2 of the 4. I even fully completed the red room and all the linked videos with the morse code. You can see what happened in my video: 

This game is probably the most authentic LSD Dream Emulator fan game I've ever played. You nailed the look and feel to it all...the footstep sounds, the aspect ratio, the D-pad controls, crusty quality audio and textures, and of course the little surreal vignettes that are only vaguely connected. Fantastic and memorable work, as always!

My date with Melissa here went better than my dates usually go, so this was a nice change of pace! Was your choice in naming her Melissa based on the real life computer virus by the same name? It was one of the first internet viruses that spread through email and caused millions of dollars in lost revenue in the late 1990s. Fun little game, I look forward to your future games! I streamed some of it here: 

I had a nice stroll through a lovely little fantastical forest. The distant watery effect sort of made it feel like we're underwater, especially with the floating boulders around. The color shifting as the time of day changed was a very nice touch. I streamed some of this here:

I really enjoyed the little worlds this created. I'm always a fan of foggy landscapes with selective color palettes. I streamed some of this at the timestamp: 

Thanks for stopping by the stream last night! It was fun seeing a full run of the game from your perspective. I read my comment again here and saw I was a bit harsh. In general I really like to see people experimenting with new kinds of UI, especially ones that don't require floating HUD elements on screen. Now that I understand what you were going for, it makes a lot more sense to me. I still think the sheer number of buttons needed to operate everything is tough to get used to though. I totally get the game jam time limit issues, and it's especially rough when you don't have people there to test and give feedback during that time. I'm excited to see where you go with this game or future ones. I'll happily give your future releases a try!

There are a lot of 'retail horror' games around these days, but I was delightfully surprised how well made this one is. They showed restraint with jumpscares, had a good level of self-awareness, and nicely polished visuals. I got all 4 endings in my video below. My only complaint is that redoing the entire game for each ending was a chore because of how slow you walk. Would have liked checkpoints or a run button to make it not take so long. High recommendation otherwise! (SPOILERS BELOW)

video guide starts at 5:51:15

Ending 1: Grab your motorbike keys from the locker and leave

Ending 2: Use the key on the hatch under the dumpsters to find the gun, then shoot self in the bathroom mirror (front and center)

Ending 3: Collect all skulls, watch the ritual from the ritual site

Ending 4: Collect all skulls, watch the ritual, but this time shoot the skeleton demon right after it rises from the table

I really really wanted to like this. I love the concept, and hope this can be refined further! Visuals were great, concept great, but the amount of keybinds was beyond frustrating to play. I think simplifying the controls should be the #1 priority to make this more playable

I streamed the game at 4:57:25 

I really enjoyed the visuals, especially the snow particles and fog. Allowing the player to drive for awhile was a nice touch. The story ended up being more interesting than I expected too. My only complaint is that the dialog started getting too repetitious and excessive about half way through. I think this is a case of  'show, don't tell'. Fun little game though!

streamed this at 4:22:15