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I know it's gonna be more unstable than android but me just playing a game like this on my xbox completely incompatible is just cursed as good as playing Gears 5 on a Wii

I have no pc. Good luck though

I'm on android so maybe it doesn't work on my version or probably it didn't download properly? I tried new games a lot because I couldn't even save my game that's how early it kicks me out and I tried clearing the cache and data that failed too

whenever I try opening it in the tutorial it kicked me out and when I didn't show the tutorial I can't even tell you where I spawn it kicks me out every time.

that's slightly embarrassing but nice to hear that

It seems as though you're a little stressed answering comments, working on games, and taking care of yourself so I'll just say.. take your time to make this beautiful game!

Just like sims 4... jeez...

yeah it's safe now

okay also the safety of has expired I'm posing a risk responding but meh I have no life

Also I reset the cache and data and I am now "finished" in 1 hour unlike the 2-3 days it took to get stuck before so.. I guess resetting was the better option!

is there any other way? I had a decent amount of data T-T and I didn't know how I clicked new game but I couldn't press the needed buttons

don't know how! But I can edit on kinemaster and post it on youtube with censoring

I'm sorry but I have been using it, it still doesn't work I tried it all. I can't even get to my in-game settinge.


I used the controller and it constantly goes to new game and continue and I tried pressing both but going forward it disappears and continuing it disappears I could send a video if you want

my language is definitely English but I don't know my OS I looked in the settings it's complicated..

I'm having endless trouble with starting the game I can't press any buttons at all! TnT help this started yesterday.

I don't understand what you're asking.

(1 edit)

Go a bit lower in the comments I've explained it before if there's any questions please ask me or use the wiki for a better explanation.

And edit, checking back it was you I replied it to..

Uhh you can alter the files and add an animation mod but uhh I don't think I'll like it in the original game so if it would be let's hope it's a toggle..

Wait a minute cattle prod? I feel like this is a patreon thing isn't it.. What's the cattle prod and where can you get it?


Did I explain it decently?

Okay.. push by the slums guard, sleep at cassie's house, go through the slums preferably through sewers and I think it's assassin work you do. Inform cassie then sleep again at her house. Gain fawn, lin lin, sammy, and arline. And also beside the don's place is the sleeping area go there and don't get scammed if you do he's at gentlemen's club and then save before attempting to save Cassie because if you fail it's a bad ending. All I can say if you need help just ask.

Will I lose my data..?

Is it bad to be 2 updates behind? I can't install the 931 update on my phone and I'm using 929.

If a new thing is on top, then the rest would drop a level so I can get the newer version but there's still 2 above me so there would be..

Newest, New, old.

But after an update Newest, Newer, New.

I said new too many times.

I'm just waiting for the luxury of either having money or having the update because I've been waiting and I know we need a new update then the rest tumble down to a lower level, right? ..right.....?

They didn't answer a comment for literally a year, I think Violet is dead. Which that isn't something new to me.

It's something that I look at.. and ponder... why am I not asleep though it's midnight.

It's average but- it's name is a song that's not only by Claude Debussy but also a song in resident evil... and right next to a porn game that's- decent..

What is the holy fuck?

I wish you luck and I wanna help you but all I can do is hope for Ukraine to be in a decent enough state to be inhabitable.

I'm happy that there's an update but one thing.. I have just about no money to pay so here I am, having to wait! I waited a year for an update once but then I found out the creator died 6 days before they made their last update so I could wait a full year and I'll be fine no rushing on an amazing and beautiful game you made that gets me both inspired and sexually active!

Also I wanna be your friend, you seem cool.

I could've sworn I played it on my phone before.. I'm trying to figure out how and why it disappeared.

Oh.. Well at least it runs on a potato, mine runs on a banana with LED's

Wait- there WAS a mobile download.. where did it go? Is the download on vacation

Quick question. Is there any gay dialogue or options, and if not will there be some in the future?

impossible.. I'm playing on my Xbox, please don't ask

Any cheats?