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Hey Kalamity9 thanks for backing the project and for the kind word. Well, the good news is Freedom Sounds is filled with music by David Blandy! It’ll come both as an audio cassette and mp3s.

Hey dión, mxtp is so cool, thanks for submitting it to the jam. That’s a tough call, I do love sharing and openness, that said the idea of the jam is to get together in a space where creative ideas and cross pollination can happen, this is why the jam is set to last more than three months. So if a lot of already created entries flood the jam that would defeat its purpose. We are kind of trying to figure out together what the lost bay is, or rather what it inspires us! Dunno, maybe if you feel that some particular entries to the Tiny Library jam should be shared here, try and ping their designers. TLB community is mainly active in the discord sever, want to join the jam channel and chat with folks about this?

Tack! I’m afraid that’s the best I can do in Swedish :) ! But I’ll be happy to see it ( I hope haha )

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Hey TurtleBox, thanks for chiming in, Whalefall sounds really cool, FYI though this is jam for pen and paper tabletop RPG adjacent zines, not video games, just don’t want you to be disappointed by the possible lack of feedback here

Hey Phil, thank you, glad you like it!!!!

This is really cool!

Hey folks, I’ve updated the Districts file with better descriptions of each district of the bay, check link in the Jam page

2 more community copies! I hope you dig it

Nice! I hope you’ll dig it

One copy just sold, there’s a new CC :)

Yeah, things have been going so fast. I’d add that if you dig this kind of vibe you should come and take a look at The Lost Bay server, where the jam originated, there are several spooky games being developed/supported there, and you’ll find other gamers that are into this kind of thing, link is in the jam page

Hey Jamie! Hope we’ll be able to play together again soon. Since we played the game has changed a bit, it’s slightly more hardcore :)

Hey Aaron, not anymore, since I’ve released The Lost Bay rpg, the game it was written for originally, the Troika helper stats are not available anymore. I’m sure you could adapt it easily to Troika, or you could try TLB :)

Hey David! Thank you so much for the kind words!

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Thank Jimmy for your kind words. I can’t wait to playing with you folks again!

Hey! might be in the future, depends on how well the zine does here.

Wow one of the coolest and more useful typography tools out there! Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you for this incredible resource. Yes it’s time crunching. But most of all, it’s typographically beautiful, and that’s so punk! I’ll be using it for The Lost Bay - First Look

Oh wow this is fantastic! thanks for sharing this.

Hey! Done

Hey thank you, this drawings are amazing! Love the flowchart, one can imagine the story

Thank you :) glad you dig it, will be adding more in the near future

Hey! The jam is dedicated to pen and paper tabletop RPG games. I mean your idea sounds dope, but not sure this is the right space for it.

Haha! Nice!

Hey that’s really a cool story, thanks for sharing it the zine/title are inspired by the a couple of century old French cookbook that mentioned a “perpetual broth” inn somewhere in the countryside, that had allegedly served a never ending broth for more than a century. Can I ask in which part of the world you are folks? Cheers Iko

Fantastic resource, thanks for sharing it

I’ll be sure to cook more edible abominations ;)

Was a real pleasure working with you pal, you uplifted the text of the game!

Oh wow, thank you so much for the warm comment. I’m glad you liked it. I’ll make more of this kind of stuff :)

That’s such a cool idea! I love it.

It’s really fantastic Jean! I’ll use one for UNIT DH-17


Hey Gerard, both options are valid, I can update manually your entry, or if you add a new one I’ll delete the old. I’ve modified the form, folks should get and email when they submit entries from now on, with an edit link

Dungeon23 Jam community · Created a new topic Resources

Sharing a few new misc resources:

A really cool article by Linda Codega on Gizmodo

A thread filled with info by Ava Islam

A newsletter by Sean McCoy on how to survive Dungeon23

Oh thank you! I’m glad you like it.

Changed the end date of the jam to February 1st 2024 as suggested by Limithron