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Thx for making a game with pocket platformer :) 

enemies will come for sure and was also thinking of a cutscene maker :) not sure about top down view, as there are already other engines for this ^^

Well you can. But i honestly wouldn't advise you to, as creating a pay wall just keeps more people away from playing your game. And i honestly don't think a lot of people are willing to pay for pocket platformer games

Sure :) create something unique

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i can't tell what exactly went wrong, as usually it works fine for everyone. some users had problems because they had plugins in the browser (darkmode etc.). You could try to disable those, if you have any or try a different browser alltogether.

If you want, you can also send me your game in the discord or via twitter (both links are inside the tool), and i could have a look.

It was very fun! thx :) 

thx :) not yet, sorry. but as a lot of people requestsed this, i might do it in the future

Fun game, thx for making it :) 

thx for the submission :) 

Of course :) that's the whole point. There are already ~50 games made with pocket platformer, which you can check out in the "collection" link on pocket platformers description page

Amazing game :) really fun to find all the secrets

i know from at least 1 more person who will submit for sure :D don't know how many more there will be


pretty fun! :) the movement feels great :) 

thx guys :) 

some things are already in planning. i actually wanted to make a "custom object" section, where you can copy the behaviour of other elements, and that way create new sprites for existing objects. with that, you could create - more tiles, deco elements, or also lava, if you just copy the spike, but redraw it.

portal already exist @david dawn :P

and some general tool improvements like redo will also be done somewhere in the future :) 

Thx :) no, that's not possible, sorry. You could do it by opening the exported file and changing the code, but not inside the tool itself

amazing game :) such a huge adventure

Do you have discord or twitter by any chance? (you can find the links to my profiles inside the tool on the right side)

I would like to send you a build to check if my solution for fps throtteling works, as i can't test it with my monitor :) 

Yes, some people already told me this. I have this on my bug-list

i'm sorry, but it's really hard to tell what the problem is, as you seem to be the first one having it. Maybe try updating Firefox, or try a different browser as a test 

thx :) hm, strange. it should work on firefox too and we have some mac users who work with this tool. are you using a keyboard or a controller? are you in the play-mode when you try to move the player?

Thx for making this game, it's fun :)

Thx brio :) 


I ran into a problem where i'm not sure if it is intended behaviour or not: i created a jam, and set it to published: It's also not set to unlisted.

Three hours later this jam still doesn't appear in the jam overview and not even in my personal space for jams. 

Is it intended behaviour (maybe the jams need an approval or something), or is there something wrong here?

Thx :) i never tried it on mac tbh. I would recommend chrome in general, and usually thw file downloads automatically without a dialogue. Maybe check your downloads folder and it's already there. Or try a different browser

very cool :) i like the feel of a free-ware game that you would find in an old video-game magazine :) 

thx for the long feedback :)

if you want to message me privately i would be glad to have a look at your game. you can find me on twitter or discord, both are linked in the description of pocket platformer :) 

i agree with your suggestions. some other people asked me for the same things, so i surely will implement some of them, especially more tiles and decos, because people really seem to enjoy crafting their own worlds :) 

thx a lot :) yes, i totally thought of a PP jam, but i want to get some more features done, until i start one. maybe in autumn or winter. there already is a discord for PP, if you open the tool, there is a link in the description. feel free to join :)

thx for making the games with my tool :) the sprites are really awesome, and i'm looking forward to what people will do with pocket platformer, once it has even more features

omg, what :O 

wow. never would have thought this was possible :O

keep on spamming, it's fine :) 

wow, thanks for making it! it looks great

ah, i see :) well it's kinda a bug, that i didn't bother to fix and left in on purpose :D

so feel free to abuse it :) 

Woow. Even I, as the developer am far away from this times :)

wow, that's incredibly good :) there is no official leaderboard atm

current WR is by davidecarolini with 01:04. he posted a video down below, but it's private or removed now.

But i think you are second place!

Awesome :) keep me updated regarding your game

Thx! :) and that time is really good

Great achievement :)

You did :) congratulations!

Thx :) honestly I ran out of ideas by the end, and I'd rather make a new game with a new mechanics now :)