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Thx for making this game :) 

the level design is quite good and i like the sounds!

ok^^ do it :p

Ok. Give it a go. I think just making a goomba- style enemy f.e. isn't that hard. But creating f.e. an enemy you can adjust in the tool with different behaviour etc. is the hard part .. depends what you need..

i would like to do all of it. Cutscenes, enemies etc. My main problem is lacking the time for it.

Also i don't want to do quick fixes, like 1 generic enemy, 1 generic weapon. Those things should be made flexible, so it's possible to expand them later, but such ground-work takes longer than a simple solution..

Most fun i had solving a "crossword" puzzle :) 

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Thx for making this game! totally missed it.

The graphics are really good!

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Thank you! :) 

i was planning on doing a simple event system and hopefully some of your suggestions will be possible to do with it. 

You can also already achieve "conditional endings" with coins and flags in case you've overlooked this feature btw. Place some coins and click on a set flag to make it conditional.


Very cute game and ending :) 

awesome game with some well hidden secrets! :) 

my time with any%:

thank you :)

a cutscene generator would be cool in general :) has been already requested a couple times...haven't thought about exact details yet

you can download a zip with all files here:

not thinking about monetization

honestly, it's just html + javascript. just press ctrl + s while on the tool, download it, and use it offline

thx! :) glad they like it.

Honestly i don't think that mobile controls for the tool will happen because the tool is made with desktops in mind mostly. But the expoeted games can be played on mobile phones.

alright : :P 

as far as i've seen i can allow users to create pull requests and i saw that option:

which i understood as  everyone can make pul requests and merge code into the master branch with a certain amount of approves. but requiring an approve from the code owner is a paid feature. but maybe i got that wrong.

it's not available yet. I actually uploaded the project to github but didn't set it to public yet. The reason is that i would like to allow pull requests from other people, but requiring an approve from the code-owner (me) is a paid feature on github. But i might still consider it sometime in the future:)

current best time:

nice, thx you! :) seems like you also somehow managed to make them loop smoothly

haha, fun idea :) although i gotta say the part with the disappearing blocks was tough

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it`s true :) 

Incredible creation <3

a masterpiece

yes, thx, exactly. 

because blue tiles are not solid in the beginning, but only become solid after touching the switch, which leads to problems. i will need to fix it

thx. well the bug here is that the blue/red tiles should be placeable on paths at all, as the collisions are not implemented for that. so that's the thing that i should prevent for the time being

thx! :) that's already useful 

:o nice!

that's awesome! :)

Already useful as it is, even if you don't continue with this project.

I found him :P 

but then it's kinda confusing. the user could collect 5 coins and 5 diamonds or whatever, and in the end he sees he collected 10 coins ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

My problem with it is, that in the end-screen, you see how many collectibles you collected. To simplify that (not show the amount of different collected collectibles), and some other things, like flag opening logic, and i made them not cloneable.

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I was asked this question a couple of times already, and my current opinion on this is no, sorry.

Pocket platformer makes it really easy to make a game, as the physics, data handling etc. is already done. The task of users is to "only" make game, which in relation to what i did for the tool is lower. I don't want to generalize this topic and i'm not saying it's your case of course, but some people who have asked me this, were just trying to make a quick buck, by using a lot of default assets and not putting a lot of effort into the game. I made this tool free for people to have fun, and put a lot of work into it, and people using my work to make money sounds unfair to me tbh.

I would highly advise to make games with the tool for the sake of making games and be creative instead of trying to make money. Espcially as i think that pocket platformer games wouldn't sell well, and would just lower the player-base a lot, by creating a pay-wall.

thx, good points.

Probably going to make point 1 and 2, but not the rest. Colors are limited on purpose, to keep it simple and i don't care enough about mobile to make controls changeable^^

Fun game!

don't think i will do that. don't want to overwhelm users with too many sprites, and the spinning animation is played for a very short time only

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it seems to be a problem tied to your environment specifically, as it works for everyone else. It's the first time i'm hearing about it, and i can't fix bugs i don't know exist. Next time use constructive feedback to help me fix issues together. I see you use firefox, i will check if there is a problem with it..

also, pocket platformer wasn't changed in over 2 weeks, as i was on vacation. so the problem must be on your side

Awesome. Looking forward to it :)

By getting good :p

if you have any troubles with controls, they are in the description


If it would have more features,  it would be a really cool tool :)