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The Gates of Truth

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Looks promising from the demo ! The 3D platform with some heavy boss fights looks like a great mix the way you show it in the demo :)

Some really great graphics and cool ambience ! 

The game design is overall great, I guess User Interface could benefit from some help (like information on the attacks when the mouse is over it, or information of the type of fish that comes out of the bubbles and the number of cases it will be able to make). 

I found myself using a lot of the "return" button but most of the time because the "default" option was not moving, and I ended up wasting my attack or even attacking my other character. I think the default option is the last one made but I'm not sure.

Concerning the iterations you could make from this game, I guess variety from fishes or even level design elements could benefit from a longer experience. 

However, tested it on late september 2021, this game was enjoyable :D

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Of course ! 

For example, in classic platformer there's a mechanic where by pressing the jump button longer (or by simply holding it), you make a "bigger" jump, where you go farer. 

In your game, that is not the case, the height and the distance of the jump is the same regardless of whether you hold the jump button or just press it. 

In my playthrough, when doing long jumps, I kept holding the spacebar button during the jump. But as soon as I landed, because the jump button was still holding, the character jumped automatically again and for the tiny platforms, that made me fall sometimes ^^

Hope it was more clear! 

An absolute gem of a pico game! This is a puzzle game in 20 levels which features some great learning curve, interesting mechanics but also simple yet great ambiance! Loved it! :D

That was indeed impressive :D

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Thanks for this game ! Love the visual and audio style of it!

The circle beneath us when we jump makes it really great as we know where we will land. 

However, I have found it a bit misleading at first that by keep pressing the spacebar button, whenever we touch the ground we jump again (and that made me fall sometimes xD)

Anyway, that was cool :)

Great prototype, there's room to a lot of iteration and improvement but I really like the aesthetic of it so far :D

Nice game, with simple yet cool graphics! 

There's little room to error, as I found myself skipping a lot of turns even if I had moves available. Maybe a checkbox to see if the player really wants to skip might be an idea (and that checkbox could be desactivated). 

A cool proto of a game that looks like into the breach! 

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I think it's relevant to put here what are the main inspirations for "To The Gates of Truth", how I see them as inspirations and tried to incorporate it in my design. 


I believe there are at least two main inspirations there : 

- Into the Breach, a video game by Subset games. It features a grid, procedurally generated, in which you have to defend cities by mitigating the casualties. The "fights" are much more seen as puzzles, and it's a great take on elegant game design. You can look here a discussion by the devs :

- One step from Eden, also a video game by Thomas Moon Kang which is a great mix between Slay the Spire and Megaman Battle Network Series. This last one features a grid of 3x3 for megaman and 3x3 for the enemies. It also features a deck buidling system, which is greatly infused by a roguelike drafting structure (meaning, each time you play is different, you gain card at each fights but it is procedurally generated. This ads a great replayability and makes you try out a bunch of synergies. 

- The LUMEN system, by Gila RPGs. This is a system for tactical light TTRPG, which features three ranges : Close, Near and Far. I really liked the idea and kinda build on that, with its dice mechanics. I guess, it's not that "tactical light" but it was an important base at first. 

- I've also played some tabletop games and video games that was a great starting point to see what were the mechanics and experience I did NOT want. Some of them are worth checking out, and I still have a list to test some games. But I do like :

  • Keyforge (tabletop card game) by Richard Garfield, and its take on drafting/procedurally generated decks of cards. He is the designer of Magic the Gathering, so a lot of things are interesting in it, with synergies or balancing. 
  • Nowhere prophet (video card game), did not play that long but that was interesting as positionning elements is critical. 
  • The tactical genre in video games, like Final fantasy Tactics, Fire emblem or Disgea. I haven't played a lot of those games but they do are interesting. Children of Zodiarcs blends tactical rpg and cardgame but haven't played it yet. The same goes to Ironclad Tactics, with a system that ressembles a lot to To the Gates of Truth. Another take on positionning and grid is Iris and the giant, which lead me to the second part of the inspirations. 

Lore and narration

Even though it is a TTRPG and the narration is set by the players themselves, the game has a particular structure that is aimed for a particular type of experience and narrative. The inspirations are :

- Hades (videogame) by Supergiant games. This games approches the genre of roguelike by implementing in each run a set of dicussions with the gods (npcs). That leads with a particular narration where elements of the stories are interconnected with the gameplay structure, and I tried to approach this kind of experience by having 8 different biomes with 8 different Entities. 

- Pyre, (videogame) by Supergiant games, features an interesting plot and Lore about characters that thrives for freedom. The more they advance, the more they get "illuminated" and that brings them close to being "free". I won't spoil that much neither Pyre neither the end of "To the Gates of Truth", but it really was an awesome experience. 

- Crying Suns (videogame) by AltShift is an FTL-like game which has an interesting take on dialogues, roguelike runs and narration. Haven't finished it but it definetly had a deep lore which was great. 

Also, I don't remember for which TTRPG I have read, but I like the roleplay experience where you create your character at the same time of the game experience. Even more, it is a PART of the experience itself!

Well, I could go on forever, but those are the main games and experience that were an inspiration (well, that's a lot of videogames!). 

Thanks for taking the time to read! :D

Thanks for this pack, might use it for one of my projects!

Thanks for sharing this game ! the layout design is awesome, the tables great and... wow that music !!! Thanks for putting it all together, haven't had the opportunity to test it yet but that looks like a cool game to play in a live session or in a podcast !

An interesting game, with great layout design! I like how just about anything can be the message from the moon. 

Thanks for sharing this game :)

Awesome pico game, it's actually really hard but love the concept :)

Here is the article I've found :

I'll try to make a summary (with copied and paste notes) of it that I'll incorporate in "Alone, in this case" for the upcoming versions. However, DO READ the article mentionned above, as this summary is much more of a devlog :)

"Accessibility has to start in design" 

"One additional note, it is possible for something to be accessible but not useable."

1. Headings and structure

Make your headings and your titles by referring them logically (beginning with H1, H2, H3 etc...).

Put bookmark. 

2. Image

Make alt text.

3. Text size and colour contrast

"There are hard and fast rules for…

  • Line height (line spacing) to at least 1.5 times the font size; so at 10 point font your line spacing should be 15 point.
  • Spacing following paragraphs to at least 2 times the font size; so 20 points if your text is 10 point.
  • Letter spacing (tracking) to at least 0.12 times the font size; that’s 1.2 for 10 point text.
  • Word spacing to at least 0.16 times the font size; or 1.6 for 10 point text."

"It is often best to try and avoid serif fonts because sans-serif fonts are much more consumable to folks with dyslexia."

4. Tables, Charts and Lists

DO NOT use merged cells ; carefull with hyperlinks. 

It is clearly interesting to see those kind of articles and I would be glad if anyone has other ressources concerning accessibility and TTRPG!

Thanks for reading :)

Incredible work, thanks for this tool ! 

Is it possible to use the generated maps in a published game on itchio ?

Hi ! This is an awesome short TTRPG, much more focused on existential experience of robots considering their life before they don't have any power left. 

The game design and layout design are both elegant, the rulebook is really clear and readable!

I haven't had the opportunity to play it but there are two features that really seems great : building the memory core, and the "I'm the only one remaining" when there's only one player left. I guess this part may really be interesting. 

Thanks for sharing this game :)

Hi everyone ! 

As I try to make my games as accessible as possible, I've been making at least screen reader friendly version (for this game, I just made a word version)

However, as the game will have an emphasis in the squares (that are tables of results) I was seeking advice on how to do it.

For now, I've made an excel table that I just copied and pasted. 

Is there a better way to do it ? Are there other features that I should implement to make the file more accessible ? 

Thanks a lot for reading !

Thanks for the kind words !! Your work was an inspiration for the investigation quadrants 😊 stay tuned for the first episode of Alone, in this case: noir ! 

Hi ! So this is only a "demo"/a teaser with only the system and premise but here is the project :D

That's an awesome perspective to use this game in a teaching environment ! Hope it went well and curious to know how it went/what were advantages/disadvantes of it :D

So Cozy Town is one of those game where playing doesn't need any ressources nor energy, actually it may even restore it ! 

The game design of it is simple, calming and elegant : create characters, a community and events. But always keep in mind that everything must be COZY.

From cozy tokens to cozy cards (well, I guess the cards are cozy too?), the design layout and art is just way too cute! You can also found greatly written Town oracles that can help you improvise what comes during the weeks. 

Thanks to you, I also discovered The Quiet Year, one of the inspirations for this game. 

Thanks for sharing this game :D

Wow, some of your art pieces in this pack are just mezmerizing :o They look incredible, and if the licence is free then I clearly want to incorporate them in one of my TTRPG :D

Thanks for sharing this asset pack :)

Wow, this is a great zine ! 

I've wondered myself how to make quick yet satisfying glitch art, and wow you suggest great ideas !! Didn't know about the audacity method, it really feels like you're hijacking some convention or something, and in the end your examples look just awesome !

Thanks for this zine :D

Space bounty blues is just an absolute gem : taking storytelling in a jazz form, has great game design and layout design, simplet yet elegant.

Wait, there's more ? A complete playlist of 10h+ awesome score to play your hunts ? A fillable character sheet ?

The game would have been perfect if its inspiration was a perl of japanese animation.

Wait a minute...

You convinced yet? So,

Let's Jam!

An absolute gem of a noir TTRPG ! 

Chained mosaic noir has an interesting view on playing TTRPG just as realizing/filming a movie. And even if it is said as "rules-lite", it has both great game design and layout design : sober and noir, just as a good cofee before an investigation. 

Still not convinced ? The game features an excellent list of recommandations for all sub-genres of Noir movies/games/novels AND the Buenos Aires module is incredibly elegant, yet inspiring!

Thanks for this awesome game :)

Looks awesome ! :D I wish to join the game jam, could I use your character Sheet ? 

This design is way too elegant and so greatly designed ! Absolutely love it :o 

I was wondering if I could use your cards in my upcoming solo TTRPG ? 

Your cards was recommanded by the gift of gabes and it was a great recommandation :D 

Thanks for making and sharing these !

That was very unique ! at first, I thought there would be some hidden story/lore in the patch notes of each that will make them interconnected (that could be a lead)

But each menu has its own ambience and really is well crafted ! Thanks for sharing it :)

Did you make the art ? It was really awesome too ! And planning on contributing to the upcoming jam ! :D

Hi ! Loved reading this game, the layout design was really clear and the investigation rolls feels simple yet elegant and meant for enjoyable sessions ! :) 

Thanks for sharing this game, it feels sufficiently broad to add things in it! 

Hi ! Still using your template :D 

I'm currently at 100+ card designed and I started to look at stock art to add to the design. 

Actually, your template are really big and as I wanted to resize the template, the boxes don't resize. Do you have an idea why ?

Thanks for putting such awesome bundles and art packs ! found you for itch creator's day and wasn't disapointed ! 

I do have a question though, can we change colours/edit your icons to fit our game ? 

Thanks again !

Clean up crew is a game for players and a storyteller that heavily relies on a simple, but elegant, gameplay loop: a messy case happens, your crew is called to "kick ass" and after finishing the case, the characters get back to their HQ to have downtime, a much calmer sequence. 


Firstly, as said, this elegant gameplay loop will make the experience really clear but also makes reading the rules simple: the information is delivered in a logical order that facilitates their comprehension. 


Speaking of comprehension, the gameplay mechanics uses the LUMEN system (6-sided dice) with 3 different attributes: POWERS, PASSION and PATTERNS. However, what really feels like a core feature that will make the experience interesting, is the elements. 


There are five of them: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Each enemy can have an element but what is cool about the game design here is the fact that when characters die, the consequence will be different according to the element. Indeed, characters will get cursed, curse that can either be controlled or not, and that bring really great complications. 


However, characters are not defenseless, and they have ways to kick some ass and survive: weapons and spells. The latter one feels interesting, as it requires Qi to be cast, has an element and also what I feel like a "tag»: some spells will have solo effects, other area effect or lasting effects. That make the design of the spells understandable and usable quickly!


Finally, because the game focuses on fights, the rules feature a content warning and safety tools at the beginning. I like this, as it clearly is a great example of how the game was designed: as a fun and enjoyable experience for all players that engage in clean-up crew! 

Awesome pack, thank you for sharing ! I'm planning on using it for a tactical, card-based game !

Can we modify the assets (change the colours for example ?)

Incredible design and eyeballs !! Loved it :D Will tell i I use one of those in my games :D

Beautiful game, the design is well done and love the setting !! :D The token mechanic felt really interesting, as you chose what feels important to you and what you will carry !

Beautiful game, the design is really awesome and love the mechanic !!! Thanks for sharing it !

Beautiful layout for an awesome and elegant design !! Really am wanting to test it !!!

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I can't understand why I didn't want to make isometric drawings before.

But I do know why I want to make some now. Thanks for those sketchbooks !!!

For sure, a good game well written and designed ! Didn't know about the CATS method and this is a really great tool :D 

The solarpunk tone is really balanced throughout lore and mechanics, which by the way are elegant and sufficiently engaging for a game about caring, cooperation and community. 

Overall, the design is simple yet effective and there are always examples when needed to facilitate comprehension.


The only issue is... clearly, when creating a character, I want it to have ALL personal goals !! :D