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The Gates of Truth

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This is an absolute gem : the overall game design and level design is great, the feelings are well crafted and I tried to play with a friend and it was already awesome ! Can't wait to play with 3 others ! 

So this is an awesome multiplayer game, very clever and fun to play :) Thanks for sharing this !

Hi ! This is a nice prototype, I struggled at first to understand what the offset button does in the menu, and how the lines are arranged during battles. But that's a promising prototype ! Thanks for sharing it ! :)

Excellent meta game, with the perfect lengh and difficulty for puzzles. The audio was good, dialogues were consise yet grealty written. 

A good game and experience, I'm happy to have discovered your game(s?) ! Thanks for making and sharing them :) 

Interesting game, with great artstyle and ambience. The music is perfect and fits every scene. This is the perfect lengh for a game/experience like this, so thanks for making it :) 

Great atmosphere, colours and overall ambience ! The dialogues were greatly written, the narration was great. And the game was the perfect length! Thanks for this game !!! :)

Hey! Thanks for the devlog, I still haven't take the time to finish naravasi! But I like your transparency about the projects so thanks for it ! Hope you can continue being proud of this project and your next ones :)

Hi there ! This looks like a very intriguing game. The artstyle, the sound design, but especially the narrative and dialogues, that looks very promising ! Just saw you found a publisher, that's some great news !!

Hope to see more about you, very excited to see what you have to offer :)

Hi there! 

This is a quick revision about how I describe the game genres for To the Gates of Truth. 

I do mention a lot TTRPG, as I believed I wanted the experience to be that way. But the more I playtested the game, the more I felt those features and mechanics weren't what I was looking for. 

I know believe the game as being : 

- tactical

- cooperative

- a cardgame

- scenarized (that replace the expectations for what a TTRPG is and doesn't narrow down my design process). 

You can see more of it in the overview video:

Apart from this quick revision, the rest of the article still stands :)

Great atmosphere, writing, visuals and sound design. 

Just enough interactivity to keep us engaged. I just loved this experience, clearly a great gem on itch!! 

Thanks for this :)

Hi and thanks for reaching out!

I'm currently working and playtesting another game. Indeed, what you have available on itch is only the core system but there's no way for you to properly playtest it (except from creating a character and imagining NPC's that you can interact with).

I might try to come back to it in the following months to clear things up and give a "demo" to playtest more properly! Though, if you're interested in playtesting the game before I put it on itchio feel free to tell me :) 

Have a good day !

Hi there! 

So I've been working on TTGOT for the past 3 months and I made a quick overview for what to expect for the game!

If you're interested in joining the playtests, feel free to join the discord :)

Great game, thanks for sharing and submitting for the jam!

Even if the game feels easy, it has all the features for a great submission!!

Soundtrack is great, gameplay good too ! It's hard, coudldn't get to the end of the game but this is clearly a great game !!

Clearly a gem, great mechanics, feedbacks, gameplay.

Awesome !

No need for jumpscare to actually be scared. Awesome ambience, perfect lengh. Great experience!!

Hi! Thank you for this submission! That was a great OST with rich sounds and tracks. They clearly all have something to say and at the same time feel like a whole. 

I also really like that the story has all the details you provided. 

Great submission!! :D

Thank you for your comment! :D

Hi and thank you for your submission! Here are my impression and what I picture for the tracks! :D

Skip and Hop felt wholesome and light, a great introduction for the adventure!

Whisper of the forest: it has begun, you're almost in! Sounds like a secure tutorial environment, friendly yet a bit challenging. Loved all the sounds you introduced there!

Deep Woods has a very different mood and setting. Is that a villain showing up? A strange thing appearing in the Deep Woods? Great ambience though!

Guardian of the Oak: the first boss? Clearly we can see that the protector of the forest emerges :D

Runaway: another tone, feels like something unsettling approaches! Is it really a "safe unknown" ? :o

Hi and thank you for your feedback! A friend who has some audio engineer background said the same about the second track and bass, I guess I'll have to go back there and see what I can rearrange :)

So thanks for it!

Thank you for the kind words!! I'm glad you could picture what was happening with the overall sounds and music, I tried to compose it with some light storyboard in my head :)

Donc merci à toi pour ton commentaire !

Hi, thanks for this submission and sharing your track! 

It was really good, it put a great atmosphere with the recurrent ostinato in the background. Really loved it! All the instruments greatly blend together the more the tempo changes, with a grow in intensity. 

Awesome! I also had some Kingdom Hearts 2 vibes with the piano and everything. :D

Hi, thanks for this submission and sharing your track! 

It was really good, it put a great atmosphere with the recurrent ostinato in the background. Really loved it! All the instruments greatly blend together the more the tempo changes, with a grow in intensity. 

Awesome! I also had some Kingdom Hearts 2 vibes with the piano and everything. :D

Thank you for your comment! I guess I was inspired by the adaptive approach but I could have dug further the idea! Maybe for next time!

Relief/the trial of the vagrant are very intriguing tracks. A well crafted atmosphere, unsettling and horrific. The audio mixing and mastering makes the whole very convincing!

I really liked the trial part, with its latent tension buildling until the end of judgement at the end. Awesome!

Thanks for this submission :D

Hi! Love the overall atmosphere of those tracks! Great energy, that's clearly some tracks to play a game like Doom or, for some tracks, even a retro race game with high intensity races (I don't know why I have this feeling!).

But clearly I like those sounds and MIDI! Thanks for submitting!

And yes, thoses numbers mean anything ? :D

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Hi, thanks for this submission! 

All track has a very dark and horrific vibe, and at the same time very nostalgic. I feel like it's some JRPG soundtrack with high intensity and high stakes. 

Favorite of all 4 : Wandering free, great atmosphere!

Hi! Quick impressions for your three tracks!

Great atmosphere for the first track escapism, I liked it. 

Scent has great rythm and progression. I can clearly see a battle theme indeed!

And relectant heroism, my favorite of the three, feels very nostalgic and melancholic. It was a short, simple track yet very effective!

Thanks for your submission :D

Hi ! Thank you for this submission, very intriguing!

I liked Hostile Forest and its time signature / rythms. I wouldn't call it hostile, I picture something unsetlling and strange rather than deadly! But that's a great track even though, particularly its structure and the way you wanted to imitate birds with trills!

Pùpa Pùpa was a great composition, in a very different way (and my favorite of the two)!! Your explanation of Samai structure was very interesting, thanks for this discovery and for submitting with this structure. 

So... bien joué à toi ! (et c'est super d'avoir mis une traduction française :D)

Thank you for your feedback and glad you enjoyed the tracks and the vocals :)

Thank you for this comment, glad you think it fits the theme!

Goosebumps? That's the ultimate achievement! I have no professionnal background in audio mixing/mastering, so thanks for this comment!

Thanks for this! I wanted to make a very light worldbuilding here but composed the two tracks with some "storyboard" in mind, glad that you enjoyed it :D

Hi and thanks for this feedback! Glad that the voices didn't felt "off", first time mixing and recording voices like this so I'm glad!

Hi, thanks for this! I tried to make the first track with a basic "storyboard" in mind, glad that it worked :)

Hi! Thank you for your comment, glad that it sounded good!

Hi! So I felt some PS1 rpg nostalgia when listening to your tracks, they were great :) I tried to imagine what could happen in the game, here's my impression!

Track 1: the adventurer

Definetly feels like the call for adventure! Some awakening in a sunny environment, backpack ready! I really like how it *does* feel like a child exercising piano, discovering it and, in parralel, discovering the world!

Track 2: the bay pirates

Ahoy, pirates! Those pirates look gentle, welcoming. They feel like they'd help the adventurer cross this sea to fulfill their quest and be family. Maybe, the meeting of the first companion, like in a JRPG! *pirate junior joins the team!*

Track 3: swamp frogs

Yes, I can "hear" the humidity of the environment, those frogs talking to the adventurer with light puzzle elements. Here's the second character, some Frog prince/princess that wants to discover the world and joins the adventurer!

Track 4: the clover Patch

And once more, a very soothing track. An tiny, ancient village within this Clover Patch ? 

In brief, the tracks were simple yet felt wholesome. They didn't made me think of a particular runaway but they were great! Thanks for this submission!

And love the album cover by the way :)

I listened to it on Youtube, hope those were the last updated. You mention a short story that served as inspiration but couldn't see it? 

So I gave a listen to the tracks with only in mind "those tracks describe somehting in a VN/RPG". I felf it sometimes hard to imagine them in the same game, but I tried my best to do so (even if you say to imagine different games). So here are my impressions! :)

Run from self : a real sense of confusion, and the need to run from what you can't understand. The need to have structure, explanations, something tangible. Everything else, as long as it's not me. 

A bell tolls: some tutorial scene? You meet up with this character that will explain a lot of different things about how the world works, what's coming next. I liked it!

Journey downtown: a lot of Persona vibes in here. I feel like it's with this kind of music that you navigate in the city, where you meet up with side quests and NPCs. A great track, particularly liked it!

Unprogressive: couldn't emerge myself in it. I feel like that's some music that plays in a slice of life scene. In a way, that could also a music when you navigate in the city.

Left to rot: confusion again, but in a more ... "comic way" ? Like you're meeting with the weird character, that tells you all the weird rumors. So an evocative track, it feels like a character theme!

Epic Getaway: not very RPG but... a lot of Ace Attorney vibes !! Like you're into an investigation or something (however, I couldn't picture an epic getaway!). Or some low intensity scene where characters are teaming up and planning ahead for something. Really liked it :D

Day break near camp: feels like a menu theme, or some track that runs when the player needs a strategic choice to continue. The track was interesting, but I couldn't clearly picture what it made me think of!

A life lesson: confusion, here again. But not in a comic way, this time in a "light" way ? Feels like a character theme, that also explains a lot of things but that is not *that* serious. 

In the basement, a monster : loved this track, don't know why but it makes me feel like the first time you encounter this theme in the game, it's about a mystery. And later on, you understand what's going on and you listen to this music in a more "melancholic" way ? Like some bittersweet situation, that is complicated. 

Bad situation: Is that beatbox ? :o Clearly, a bad situation track, but with an intensity that is not *that* high. Like it's much more like a *complicated* situation. Except for the end, where it progresses into something unsettling. 

A lost lesson: the explanation part of something that is throuhout all the game. Like, you get some part of the answers by bits during the game. Except the end, that is also leaning into something a bit more unsettling. 

Grieving to a gravedigger: very different than all others. Feels like the theme of a particular character that has a tragic backstory. Here again, some Ace Attorney vibes, don't know why. Like some twisted story, that you'll keep on thinking even after the end of the game. So I like it a lot :D

Memories left: hmm, feels like a track in Anodyne 2. Love that game, love this kind of ambience, but I can't really picture something out of it. Or maybe something oniric, blurry. Sadly, the sounds in the end were not pleasant ...

In brief, thanks for those submissions. I feel like the correlation to the theme is very light (haven't read the short story) but some tracks are very evocative of some VN/RPG scenes. 

Hi! Great submission, I like how you said you "perform" the tracks live, it does feel alive. The fact that you use very similar instruments throughout all three chapters makes the whole coherent. 

Here's my quick impression of the three chapters.

Chapter 1: My favorite of the three, a great introductive theme, I can clearly see Glitch packing their things and the player navigating in a tutorial zone / not-that-dangerous zone. 

Chapter 2: You set up the tone and overall ambience. Something that is hostile yet you feel like you can overcome this Neon Forest with that electrosword. 

Chapter 3: A much more peaceful track, I can see the credits appearing slowly but still letting space for the conclusion and, of course, the suggestion that not everything is solved. 

Thanks for this submission!

Hi! Here's my quick impressions and how I pictured your soundtrack!

Track 1: Little Girl, How are you today ? 

We can clearly see something that is distant, lurking, something that might be a danger in the near future but still not taken seriously. 

Track 2: Don't go to the Forest

Now, we begin to understand what's really going on. The feeling of "unrest" you're describing is setting, letting the place for a more obscure, horrific experience. 

Track 3: The trees look like people

My favorite. This sense of sureality, the panic of something you don't really understand. I can see how you originally wanted to have a weird time signature. I clearly felt that tension you built up!

Track 4: Bad things live here

My least favorite, I feel like it's very different to the rest. But taken alone, I like those distorded sounds but I don't feel in the forest you described *musically* in the previous tracks. 

Overall: that was great! I feel like there could have been a much clearer and 'coherent' progression between all the tracks. But they all suggest a step of horror/runaway different and that's cool :)