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My new game just came out and it is dark, atmospheric, and creepy. You play as a guy trying to make it back to his apartment alive in a city riot. It is a text only interactive fiction game, so you will have to read and make your choices wisely, as you will get different outcomes based on what you choose. There are multiple different endings and outcomes, so try to get one where you survive the nightmare and try to get the other multiple endings! Make sure you are in full screen if you are playing the browser version for it to work properly and I recommend you play with headphones as the atmosphere will be at its best and it's the intended way to play this game. link:

Google Play Store Link:

It was a really nice and relaxing game! I also like the simple art style to it too.

Hi, How did you do the vhs effect? I am trying to do it for my game too but I am stuck.

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How long can you survive? This is my first unity game ever made. I hope to learn more in the future about unity and c#. I know the game is kind of rough since it is my first time making a game so feedback would be appreciated, that way I can keep the feedback in mind in the future.

Also, big thanks to the planet Jupiter for letting me use his remixes. His youtube channel:

UPDATE: I made a update to all versions and download links. I added android version and I fixed the score to where if you die and restart or go back to menu, the score will reset to 0.

Nice demo!

Really cool game!

How is this even a jam game? The graphics and post processing make it look like a big studio made it. I really see potential in this studio! I am excited for the next game y'all will make.

Great Improvement over the last one! Great ending too. I look forward to the next one.

Good Creation!

Great Ending!