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Hi, How did you do the vhs effect? I am trying to do it for my game too but I am stuck.

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How long can you survive? This is my first unity game ever made. I hope to learn more in the future about unity and c#. I know the game is kind of rough since it is my first time making a game so feedback would be appreciated, that way I can keep the feedback in mind in the future.

Also, big thanks to the planet Jupiter for letting me use his remixes. His youtube channel:

UPDATE: I made a update to all versions and download links. I added android version and I fixed the score to where if you die and restart or go back to menu, the score will reset to 0.

Nice demo!

Really cool game!

How is this even a jam game? The graphics and post processing make it look like a big studio made it. I really see potential in this studio! I am excited for the next game y'all will make.

Great Improvement over the last one! Great ending too. I look forward to the next one.

Good Creation!

Great Ending!