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The Final Lemon

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Nice little platformer with some pretty memorable layouts and meaningful split paths in its level design. The camera work was also on point, felt just like an overly edited action movie the whole way through. My only real gripe is that the controls were incredibly wonky, you'd travel like 3x faster vertically than you could horizontally which made a lot of jumps feel clunky. Overall I could see this being expanded upon into a pretty solid run-and-gun platformer if given some TLC.

Simple arcade-y fun. I had a big dumb grin the whole way through this.

This is overall just incredible. I literally just spent 40+ minutes on this without realizing. The premise is wonderfully absurd, the aesthetic is very well established, every card in the deck poses an interesting decision, and every enemy feels threatening without ever really becoming ovewhelming. I'd probably play this for the rest of the afternoon if there wasn't an entire jam to continue checking out.

Also I audibly chuckled at the flavor text on multiple occasions.

Quaint little game with a clear objective and well stylized visuals. It encouraged some pretty interesting decisions for a game of its scale, very well done.