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the coolest dude

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what am i supossed to do? i still can´t understand

where is the complete game (anyways i love this game)

pretty sad what there are just one 3 levels but anyways amazing game :D

pls help i don´t know how to do the level 2-5 :'(

anyways one of my most favorite games!

actually, the boss #58 isn´t that hard if u have some charge of the super power thingy but i tried to do the boss without using the special thingy and wow, that was really difficult

same! :)

oh and other thing just if is useful is what the bug i discover just works on the premium game ''burglar'' and i don´t know why

i found a bug in the demo what if you touch all the buttons rapidly u can maybe play some of the premium games  (don´t know if thats a bad fact)

i love this game but i think what there should be a style of game but with a computer if you don´t have anyone to play

i just love this game :D

great game! :)

what did you expect? bot studio always put that sound in all his fnf character tests

fun fact: if u activate the touch controls in the phase 2 agoti and in the touch controls u touch the a button agoti sings a part of the phase 3 tabi lol

fun fact: if u see good u can see what the logo of shaggy phase 2 hair is a little bit more bigger than the phase 1 shaggy logo


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its easy like others

can you do like the scream face of bob in phase 3?

normally in all this test thingys the secret key is the first letter of the character 

yeah i just do the same thing

high score:152
higest level:11
pretty easy tho but anyways good game :D

amazing game :D

good game :)

amazing game! :D

great demake :D

yeah sometimes it isn´t is that random and it have its patterns (at least sometimes i see some) anyways u do a good job to that score :D

ok it was hard but i beat ur high score: 154 B)

good game :D

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thats because this game and the good actitude of their creators is something what u can have fun and battle :)

ok :)

congratulations!!! i just can beat that so very good man! i knew u can do it ;)

arright now im going serious >:) 18.294 lets see if u can B)

good game :)


now im a little bit sleepy for my new high score:9204 lets see if u can hit that >:)

i just pass ur high score: 4071. and wow! i can´t believe what my trick worked so well :D

high score: 1502 (i know what it is so much i guess but the trick is just lost all ur fruits but leave just one fruit and spam the buttons to throw the tongue in that way) and a question to the creators (there are more than one creator right?) what is the most high score of some of the creators?
good game tho :D

high score (in total tho): i just lost the count but for sure the total is more than 15.000