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how the heck was I supposed to even know where to circle if not for a video:(

I wanted to like this but it was confusing, what am I supposed to do to progress. I watched the other walkthrough videos and cant figure out how to raise that statue, its all by chance? ive been circling around for a while and gave up

its a cool game but I suck aligning the circles. is there a trick to it?

thank you for responding, ill check it out again

loved it

I liked this and nice music!

Is there a goal or is it just a "meditation" in this one area?

I would love to play this game but it freezes at the "Pick French or English" screen. Is there anything I can do?

You had me at inspired by katamari


wow, yes interest intensified.

any chance of a non-vr version?

That art looks nice but can you post screenshots of the game? Almost 900mb for a game I don't even know what it looks like? come on, that's a lot to ask.

maybe do a kickstarting campaign?

So was this a demo or a full game?