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Any chance of a nonVR mode? probably not but had to ask..

hey thank you. delete the link so no one else gets it. I just got it. thank you. Make more fun joyfull games!

hello, I bought your game on steam and never got around to playing it until now. I finished it but I also bough the teleportation DLC that says its installed. Seeing as your game is no longer available for steam I came here to ask you how do I access the DLC, there is no option?

omg I loved this

yea, i got a lot of godland vibes from this. I hope in the future you do a easy mode for us ppl who suck at combat but want to still kick ass

should I wait to play this or play the first one considering this is a remake?

cool art style but I couldn't see it through because either a) I sucked at the combat b) the combat just sucks. still I liked the art style. reminded me of tom scioli

I played through all your games and Im a new fan but this is the one I keep coming back to. Its so addictive I listen to it for long times! Please make more music mash ups when you can!

i feel stupid but I use directional buttons and space bar. I go around town and I cant interact with anyone. I try to spacebar my mailbox and nothing. is there something wrong or am I not doing something right?

Impressive. Im looking forward to your future stuff!

Lute Hero community · Created a new topic status?

hey, I haven't seen updates in a while and just found out about this game. whats the status on it?

I dug it! I look forward to your future works!

thank you!

sorry if this isn't the place but after playing your games/experiences I was left wanting more and wanted to know if you had some picks here on itch that have enthralled you. As someone whos done a considerable amount of time as a psychonaut and inner explorer, I always look for games that offer something provocative and something my soul thanks me for. Any recommendations?

I cant explain exactly but on steam you have the option to do "not interested" and it greys out the game. When I browse through here Id love the ability to have that phased out look on games that I have completed.

I just played through all three of your games and this is the best one yet! Really awesome and looking forward to the future of your works!

question, I have the new retail release. I have yet to try this but are the levels different? Is the game different? Thanks in advance for all your hard work!

Everything you do is gold!

I bought this on steam, dude... DUDE! please make more of these trippy ass games, theres nothing like them on the market. As a guy whos done a copious amount of drugs, this whole game puts a smile to my face from the comedic surreal writing to the situations it presents. To all those even questioning wether to buy this or not, don't even question it, buy it.

Where exactly do I place the bird? Ive been trying to use the bird for a while now. 

What is the solution for the brick dropping guy, this is pissing me off. Otherwise it was a cool game until then...

ok cool, you can delete my previous (and this comment) if you wish. thanks for this game, im looking forward to playing it and hope you continye giving us more trippy walking simulators! the drugs can only do so much, but the worlds created to venture in are the real treat!

The demo is the full game but non-vr?

whats the difference between this and the steam version?

Hey sorry to bring a slightly off topic question into this but I was interested in getting some of your "experiences" and Im using an i3. All the recommended specs you mention i5. Will I be able to handle these?

quick question: How is this version different from the steam version?

is this still being updated?

more info... screenshots... care

yes ive completed that, a very good game just as good as The Room games. I just want the market to flood with these games lol

I LOVE all games similar to the ROOM so im going to love this!


is  there an ending to this game? I appear to be stuck once ive opened the drawer on the main desk and see the code (like one of the pictures related). Ive opened the floppy disk picture to reveal the 8 and now I have no idea what to do. thanks

i really dug this, thank you.

i appreciate it and wish you the best of luck in all future endeavours!

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thank you for the solution! but I feel like such a loser asking what I do next after I aligned.  I want to see the ending lol

I loved AER and look forward to this. Whatever may come, I wish the best for you all

how the heck was I supposed to even know where to circle if not for a video:(

I wanted to like this but it was confusing, what am I supposed to do to progress. I watched the other walkthrough videos and cant figure out how to raise that statue, its all by chance? ive been circling around for a while and gave up

its a cool game but I suck aligning the circles. is there a trick to it?