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The Armorman

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Please look forward to seeing it be "featured" on our "website"

is one of the best videogames The Armorman has ever played. Sauje!


now i cant just copy a thread from somewhere else, let's take a break here: is your life okay? is everything where you want it to be? 

2 years ago programmer and i were asking eachother single question basically infinitely 

me: hey, what if there was a random dungeon game?  u: yeah like a dungeon but random? 

we decided (coming soon) there was a solution . . . what if you were this man:   and before you was a dungeon. not just any dungeon: a random dungeon. A dungeon holding the Gognio. programmer(s) and I want to bring you that sort of dungeon, a dungeon that could be played on a PC. pack up your table-tops, and put it right in your computer system.

GOGNIO DUNGEON is a turn based maze-dungeon where your decisions LAST FOREVER because you are trapped in a dungeon from which there is no escape

you are THE FIRST ARMORMAN: a man who figured out that if they put metal on their body it is HARDER TO DIE 

you will press b to 'b'rave the dungeon that you 'e'ntered. thats not a joke: you use the KEYBOARD to issue and give commands to the armorman.  there is a HOST OF WEAPONS at your disposal to brave all FIFTY DELICIOUS FLOORS

on your quest to receive the GOGNIO. there will be many mechanics, and the game itself might not even be able to be trusted. players can interact with monsters in very unique ways, like: kill them. 

arcane puzzles will await you and bizarre traps and monsters that come STRAIGHT FROM MY HEAD. we are not fantasy friends! I do not understand this "dungeons and dragons" you talk about, or this "Rogue" because it is 1981 and i would never play a game called ROGUE.

Please: My life is pain: bizarre glyphs etched into my computer screen and unspeakable horrors rendered lovingly in 2D pixelart inspired by the latest in ZX spectrum hardware.

here are dev screenshots: