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The 6'er

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Also probably relevant, the Standalone Flash Player link is outdated

Hey, do you remember how to use the port on Linux? The game won't open from the icon for me and the GitHub page has no information

It's probably relevant that I'm using Crostini


Only gonna do hard mode this time around >:DD

Good news: I rediscovered the game after scrolling on Itch!

Bad news: I lost my save and stuff

...wait, that's even better news, because now I can re-experience it from the start!



...nah, it's probably worth it

What's your Youtube channel? I want to see the game before I install it because I have pretty limited storage space

Update: You can play some of it on Scratch (which is probably illegal or something), but not much and it's low quality. You can still use external and/or cloud-based storage, or delete other files.

I'm not sure if there's a non-downloadable version, but I can look for it if you'd like. Of course, you could also just use external and cloud-based storage, or remove some other files for the game (which is 300 MB, or 0.3 GB). If you'd like to remove files, simply sort your files by size and delete at least 300MB of space (about the size of a 5 minute .mp4 video).

Well, yes, a lot of people have played DDLC.

This game is also six years old.

However, there's probably a mod for it, if you know where to look. Good luck on your mod search!

Just before Act II. Just play through the game normally and you'll see.

Sadly, you can't. :(

If you robbed the villager, then you have a permanent (?) high chance ambush until you beat the game.

Be a good person. Don't rob the villager.


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Hey, does this still work, and if so, how did you import it onto steam?

EDIT: That question sounds dumb actually, I'll be more specific: What are the settings in the Shortcut menu and the Compatibility menu? I'm having trouble figuring it out and can't get the game on Steam via normal means.

Throw the Hougeton at her.

("surprisingly" because nothing else I've tried has worked thus far)

Yeah, it did, surprisingly! This is pretty effective for me, definitely gonna use it in the future

I'm going to test my aim now, to see if I've improved

This is my first time trying any hypnotic stuff, and let me tell you, I loved it. New kink unlocked? Not sure yet. Might actually use this regularly as an aim trainer though, and also for the gratification it gives.

God damn, this kid is annoying

It was a hyperbole, and if the 2 year old was as smart as Einstein at that age, then he wouldn't have gotten a virus. Take a joke

Maybe you're the one here that's "tarsh".

Have you heard of Linux?

What I said was a joke too; it's incredibly unlikely the main game gets DLC

Or, rather, because Ninja is supposed to be the standard for balancing, what do you think Cowboy and Wizard should have nerfed or removed so there's a smaller power difference?

Okay, Ninja should be buffed. I agree with that. Do you have any specific ideas for the character, or do you want to keep complaining about the evident problem instead of attempting to fix the problem by giving actual suggestions? You've complained about range. What moves do you think Ninja should have added or buffed so players can close the gap between classes?

This game will likely get DLC when the original game gets DLC. I thought that was a given...

I was already gonna play the game, this just makes me want to play thrice as much

Also, this entire thread makes you look like you're seven years old.

What kind of computer do you have?

Musa Mansa, what device are you using?

I'm assuming they mean they're using a chromebook or something else that can't run .exe files, which are (as far as I know) the only way of accessing this game. While he can download the file, it won't do anything.

Imagine 2 ninjas doing 9 quick slashes at the opponent each, on both sides after finishing off one of the opponents - that would be so cool


100 wins? How can I manage that...?

I'm at 50 wins... what did I need again? Oh yeah! The upgrade! Halfway there!

I'm at 98 wins! Can't wait to see the 'Secret Upgrade'!

Aaaand... bought!


Pong ball