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The 6'er

A member registered Nov 02, 2019

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i just reached 1475 :O

edit: now it's 2745, round 5. 10001000100000000100020001000300000000000003001100000000011.

oh yeah those numbers are like... my own save code i guess. not sure if I made it accurately so have fun decoding it while I check!

Good game and all, but I lost my progress. I got to... that red guy last time I remember. Malignancy or something? Whatever the first red guy is, I got to there.

your fault, just fkin save idiot


fallout shelter doesn't even have fighting or a storyline or anything

its just a management game >:/

unless i'm mistaken... hmm.

Bloatsprites: Get them close and 


them up with flamethrowers or something that burns, then if you like going for the nest, go in and spam anything that burns. If you do this, the bloatflies spawn directly in front of you, so use your strongest melee to kill them off and probably use  it on the nest as well if you run out of fire >:3

please save us chrome users that want to keep playing after chrome kills flash ;-;

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is it possible to turn off the sound

i don't exactly like the voice in case you're wondering why i asked

wait is it only in the beginning that you hear it?

oh ok nevermind then