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Thayson Coutinho

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ver nice game!

great game!

great game!

a very nice game!!

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thanks for your feedback, the move was designed in this way to minimize the bugs, even if there are still many bugs hahahahahahah

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thanks for playing
on the keys, you only lose them if you die, if you run out of time, you only come back to the beginning of the level.
Thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for playing our game, I hesitated a bit in bug prevention, but I will improve.
Thank you for giving us your feedback.

valeu mano!

I do not think it's a problem created by the host of the jam and neither the winner, but the people (devs, since you can only vote who sent a game).
I think that many did not play the game and those who played and voted for this game to be third in this category (even though it does not have any sound).

I think most of the community did not test the games, only voted in the games.

we have to know that here is a community of devs, to learn how to make better games and to improve with the real feedback of players and other devs, do not spoil this by making itchio just a game competition page.

what happened in this jam serves as an example for others to come, changing the style of voting might be a way to avoid this kind of event, but, devs who play the games of others are humble, give feedback, vote sincerely, I believe that everyone here has the same dream of making great games, events like this end up discouraging those who are following this path.

thanks for playing our game, your feedback is also welcome. :D 

thanks for playing our game! <3

Thank you for providing us your feedback "player", <3  

thanks for playing our game! <3

thanks bro!

vlw por jogar e dar seu feedback marcus! o personagem abaixa com um "baixo + ataque" mas só pra pegar itens.

thanks for playng our game and send us your feedback! <3

<3, thanks for playing our game!

Thank you for playing and sending us your feedback.

Thanks for playing our game! probably in a new version we'll add that!

nice, thanks for playing our game!

Thank you for playing our game! : D

It really takes an eternity to do the scenes hahahhah

Thanks for playing our game!

 would add, but as we started the gamejam with a few days left, then we had to cut some things of the project to finish it in time :(

no, it would have more episodes, but we did like the valve: we decided to stop there. : D kkkkkkkkkkkk

Thanks for playing our game! :D

Thanks MAMMOT :D

tem atalhos escondidos no mapa! use a mecânica do game...

Nice Game, the art is great! music is awesome!! :D

great game!